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   Chapter 117 The tower's first level (3)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4325

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:08

Ed and the rest made their way towards the centre of the city. There, stood a large tower. They could tell this tower was so big, it took up half the city. This was because they could not see it's sides but could only look up. There was no one guarding the doors, allowing all to enter and leave as they liked. But Ed could guess that only those who have taken the library's test can even dare approach.

They walked in without much people even sparing them a glance.

"Buy your fights! Buy your fights!" a boy said from behind a counter, but many just walked past him. When he saw Ed's company arrive, his eyes sparkled and called for them.

"Hey, newcomers! Come and buy a fight! No fight, no rising up the tower!" he said. Nti Anem approached him curiously.

"Explain. How does one get to the top and what are the rules?" he asked.

"The top? Isn't that a bit too soon? Just worry about winning a fight first." the boy said.

"Since you wont talk, there is no need to waste my time with you." he said and walked away.

"Wait! Fine... I'll tell you if you buy a fight." the boy said, but Nti Anem did not care. He led Ed towards the stairs.

"Amateurs! If you don't fight, you can't climb the tower." the boy sneered. He was right. A lot of those who had ignored him were flung fr

But they must be ready to follow it. As long as you step unto a floor, someone can buy a fight with you. You must accept all fights. Only when you have received enough credits to go the next floor, can you leave to the next floor and ignore other fights bought with you. Those from higher floors can fight those on lower floors free as long as they fulfil some task. But these tasks are rarely given, so many just ignore those on the lower floors. But those on lower floor need to pay high to buy fights from higher floors."

"I see. So those on higher floors can use those on lower floors to train. It's a blood bath." Ku Jian said.

"Can you fight someone from another level?" Nti Anem asked.

"Fights are limited to the levels you are on. Those on higher levels can watch fights on lower levels but can't participate."

"We will buy fights." Ed said.

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