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   Chapter 116 The tower's first level (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4225

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:07

Ed felt things melt into each other. His mind seemed to be lost in a misty forest. Nti Anem's urgent voice seemed to penetrate the mist and reach his ears.

Yes! There was no one but him to fulfil the quest. There was no other outcome but his return. He will leave this mist and return just in time to save her life. That is the only outcome. At this, Ed's eyes cleared.

Seeing that he was better, Ku Jian and Nti Anem sighed a relief. Both wished they could tear Baskii apart as they slapped him a glare.

"What nonsense are you playing at?!" Ku Jian fummed.

Ed turned to look at Baskii dangerously. "You think I dare not kill you?" he asked.

"Speaking is not a crime." Baskii said in amusement.

"The next time your energy touches me, I will grab onto it. You will die." Ed responded.

"Oh? Quite daring words, traveller." Baskii said.

"You wished to look into my mind. You are welcomed to. But be prepared to never leave." Ed warned.

"The mist is all I see. Your mind? Your past? Do you even have any left? The mist has taken all of it. I wonder though, if you are so far gone, why are you still alive? Is it the light? It it her?" Baskii asked and Ed turned away and opened the door.

He stepped out to a deadly quiet library, but cared li

thing known about him is his name. I do know where he is from, but even that tribe had only adopted him after he had grown up. At the time I stumbled upon him, he was no one, so I did not bother to know more. Little is known, even back in our continent. Do you know how far those old folks are going to know a little bit more?" he said.

"That mysterious? But there is at least still something. Share that." she said.

"We only know that he is the disciple of the most feared patriarch. A man who entered heaven seeking at age hundred and four or so. His master seems to be afraid of him. He is accompanied by an energy manipulator and … Sorry, we can't say who she is for our own safety. But him, Ed he is called. He is probably the one who released that aura and killing intent from before." the girl beside Jia Lin rushed to tell her.

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