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   Chapter 115 The tower's first level (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3805

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:05

Nti Anem sighed a relief after seeing Ku Jian return from her shock and follow after Ed, then looked at Baskii in anger.

"Tests like that could kill him, and us as well." he said, then his eyes followed after Ku Jian's leaving back with frown. This woman is clearly scared, but still followed Ed anyway, he thought.

"It was not really a test. This place is called the library. A place where knowledge is stored. It forces people to live their fears and collect what it learns from them."

"So the knowledge stored here are gotten from people. Clever. Never use that knowledge in the tower. People will die." Nti Anem said, then followed after Ed. Baskii only frowned but followed after him too. When they returned to the room they were in before, they found Ed and Ku Jian sitting and waiting for them. On the other side of the door to the room, they could hear an argument going on.

"Should we go down and look?" someone said.

"Do you dare?" another commented.

"Standing around here won't help either."

"That kind of killing intent, the person must be dangerous."

"Why hasn't the city lord sent people yet?"

"Do you

farthest corner of the library, not minding what they hit on the way.

"Ed, time in the mist is different! As long as you find the right point in time, you can return! Until then, groom yourself to whatever you deem necessary!" Nti Anem said anxiously. This was the worst thing that could happen. If Ed went on the rampage and killed people, this would be fine. But if he fell into hopelessness, he would die!

He could see Ed's form look as though turning into a misty illusion. This scared Ku Jian and she hurriedly tried to grab his sleeve but her hand passed through him.

"You have all the time, but only you can return and finish the quest! You have no choice! You either become good enough to go back or she dies!" Nti Anem persuaded urgently.

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