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   Chapter 113 City of desire (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4701

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When they walked in, they discovered this was no library at all. There were no books or parchments. Instead people sat around drinking.

"A drinking parlor?" Nti Anem asked, but the man said nothing. Only continued leading them past tables till they got to a secluded room. They sat as he served tea.

"You are a traveller your self." the man said.

"Isn't everyone?" Nti Anem asked.

"Many in the light realm were born here." he answered.

"But if so, then what happens when the light realm closes? How can people still remain?" Nti Anem asked.

"The light realm only closes to outsiders. It does not close at all. It is just inaccessible for those born outside the light realm. Yet those born here cannot leave. Unless they become an outsider."

"How?" Ku Jian asked curiously.

"Where are we?" Ed asked. He couldn't careless about the workings of the light realm.

"The city of desire."

"How do we get to the three paths crossing?" Nti Anem asked.

"How do you know of that name?" the man asked.

"What name?" Nti Anem asked.

"Slah. No one has spoken that name for millennia." he answered.

"Where I come from, this is a household name." Nti Anem answered.

"Ah, so far away then?" the man nodded vaguely.

"You seem as though you know this place." Nti Anem asked.

"The highest level of the tower." the man said.

"What?" Nti Anem asked.

"Climb to the highest level

can just walk through the tower. Besides, seeing how well you have hidden so long, it would not be good if someone found out where you are."

"Or you could just die here, the secret with you." Baskii said and Nti Anem snorted.

"The way you are now, you do not have the ability. Besides, I fought in the war, I know how you fall." Nti Anem said and Baskii frowned deeply.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Fear not. I was her left hand, I mean you no harm. But I will not play your games."

"Apteil... you have not died? What do you want?" Baskii asked.

"Just do as you will with the boy. It will be good for him to gain some experience. I would be shocked if you could subdue him."

"Even though I am not as strong as I used to be, I can still kill a little boy." Baskii said, "When he enters the tower, it will be hard keep his life."

"Then a bet then, for old time sake. Kill him if you can." Nti Anem said with a smile.

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