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   Chapter 112 City of desire (1)

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Ed stepped out to the other side and looked round at grey rocks and grey grass. Even the sky stood grey and the blue hue of the two suns above it were, defeated by the blandness all around, as it's light reaches the ground already filtered grey. Everything looked grey, no matter what colour of garment one wore, it looked grey. Only Ed's robes remained ink black.

"Where are we?" Ed asked Nti Anem

"Afiong plains." Ed heard Ku Nam say as he approached them. Ed had long seen him since the light realm table but did not acknowledge him.

"We meet again." Ku Nam said.

"Afiong plains?" Ed asked in answer.

"Those suns up there are but four moons spinning around each other at such speed, they look like two moons standing still." Ku Jian answered. She frowned at this cousin of hers that had just walked up.

"How do you know brother Ed?" she asked.

"We met a few times." Ku Nam answered, "Are you intending that we follow his lead?"

To this question, Ku Jian's frown only deepened. More than anything, she wanted to follow her brother Ed even though she knew she was in charge of leading the Ku clan through the light realm. Taking them along with her would be a big inconvenience for brother Ed and leaving them behind was allowing this cousin of hers to do as he liked. Even though he was still of low cultivation, she did not underestimate him one bit. She glanced at Ed for a moment, but he was staring at the blue moons.

"Time f

rk skinned bald man in maroon robes standing behind them; at least Ed saw him in color.

"You are the first person I have met that knew that name. I should be the one asking." Nti Anem responded.

"I am just a traveller." the man said.

"Quite a colourful traveller in a grey world." Ed commented.

"I could say the same for you." the man responded, all through, a soft smile never leaving his face. To he and Ed's words, Nti Anem and Ku Jian frowned.

"See? Only you think I am colourful." the man said and Ed frowned. He had suspected that no one could see that his pasty skin, dark hair and black robes had not turned grey like every other person. The only other person that was wearing colour in this world was this bald man. Even his dark skin was clear as day.

"Why is this so?" Ed asked.

"Let's go inside and have a chat. Standing outside the arena is dangerous." the man said and walked inside a store with engraved sign board saying 'Library'.

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