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   Chapter 111 The light realm opens (6)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4706

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"You have not answered me." Ed said to Tie Nse blankly. His actions were already seen in the eyes of everyone as arrogance. Many were fuming at his total disregard, especially the ancient sect disciples.

"You...!" they fumed.

"Soon." Tie Nse answered, "Let's wait over there..." he led Ed away to the other side of the light realm table. He knew that his disciple's temper was unpredictable. His complete disregard for people is not an act of arrogance. He just does not feel he is part of this world. He was almost too one track minded. But he also understood the temperament of the eight powers. Ed would not interact well with them because of his aloof attitude. Looking at him standing quite away, Tie Nse sighed.

"He was not always like this, you know." Nti Anem said and Tie Nse raised a brow.

"The mist breaks you." he continued solemnly.

At that moment, there was a whipping sound crashing though the air. The light realm table hummed a subtle Hu sound under their feet.

"It's happening." someone said.

Just then, the whipping sound could not only be heard, but seen in form of a vertical whirl pool whipping at the front of the light realm table.

"There are people wish to enter in secret?" Ed asked and Tie Nse raised a brow. To this, Nti Anem laughed and asked, "Are you sure those are actually people?"

Tie Nse heard this and frowned.

Many powers looked at each other f

ngth and wisdom are true." the demon leader said.

"Not really, my disciple saw you and made an off statement that caused me to suspect he was talking about you." Tie Nse said.

"Oh? That boy? My disciples will have to keep an eye out for him in the light realm." the demon leader said and Tie Nse nodded, "Please do."

The demon people rushed into the whirl pool and the demon leader and his entourage remaining only nodded to the other powers and vanished.

"You have no fear, Tie Nse" the Ke clan head said.

"Sometimes I wonder if you wish to kill your disciple." Lady Mi said.

"Even if he really was the one who found them out, telling them so out-rightly, you are painting a target on his back! Do what you wish with your disciple, but my daughter is with him!" the Ku clan chief scolded Tie Nse.

"I would be shocked if they could. If I did not succeed in killing him, no one can." Tie Nse said coldly and vanished.

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