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   Chapter 110 The light realm opens (5)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4033

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:56

Three people stepped out of the array. One they knew as the energy manipulator Nti Anem, the other; they had never seen before.

"It's him, isn't it?" someone whispered.

"Patriarch Tie's disciple? It has got to be." another said.

"He looks a bit over twenty."

"I thought he would be younger."

"I thought he would be more handsome."

Many quickly assessed Ed, but he did not respond. It was either he did not care, or he looked down on them. Nevertheless, Ed maintained a blank face as he followed Tie Nse to the front of the light realm table. At this moment, His appearance shocked people that had seen him before.

"It's him." Lady Mi heard her daughter say and raised a brow at this.

"You know him?" she asked.

"I met him while travelling back to the alliance, mother." she answered.

"Impossible!" Jia Lin's eyes rounded out into disbelief.

"Brother Lin?" the girl beside him asked.

"How can it be him?" Jia Lin did not spare her a look. The crowd gave way for Ed to pass. As they walked past the Heaven sect, they were stared down by the heaven sect disciples who felt their patriarch left them because of this disciple of his. To this, neither Ed, not Tie Nse paid them an

thing more to do with life?" Ku Jian scolded him.

"Jian! Come back here!" Ku clan head ordered.

"no!" Ku Jian answered back.

"When will this realm be open?" Ed finally spoke. To this, many froze. Was he just going to ignore the ancient land sect leader. This made the entire ancient land sect angry.

"You train your disciple well, Tie Nse. He thinks himself a god." Sect master Aya chuckled, not taking the situation seriously.

"I will reprimand my disciple the way I want when he is wrong." Tie Nse snorted and Sect master Aya smiled.

"It's not like you can reprimand him if he does something wrong anyway, scoff!.. acting all cool." Old Iba mumbled, but was still heard.

"Ya!" Tie Nse frowned, then looked to Ed, only to find him looking him dead in the eye, causing him to choke.

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