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   Chapter 109 The light realm opens (4)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4661

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Those from the Heaven sect were considered fallen gods. They may have been great beings before, but now, they were not even great enough to be classified one of the great sects. They were now human, thus, humans could scorn them.

Those from the heaven sect lead by Protector A'miem, stepped out from the crackling array into an awkward atmosphere.

"They actually came?"

"Do they even have tokens?"

"How were they given tokens?"

"Looking at their group, they must have employed some hidden giants to fill up their one-three-six tree."

"I don't recognize some of those behind them." the discussions were hot.

Those from the heaven sect felt awkward standing there, but kept a blank face to it all. They may not be one of the great powers anymore, but they can hold their own. Sect leader Di Tietie and Protector A'miem had not failed. Immediately they had settled into the sect, a selection was held to decide those going into the light realm ten years later. After picking about a hundred of them, the sect pulled all their resources and concentrated on raising these hundred within ten years. They gained access to secret texts Protector A'miem had collected and were personally helped with their cultivation. Within the hundred, four groups were formed with each, it's own leader. They cultivated together, trained together, so that they could survive inside the light realm.

eart quickened. It's her. She is from the Ku clan? His reaction was clearly seen by the girl beside him.

"Lady Jian, it's been long." the Ke clan young master, Ke Kong stared at Ku Jian with a small smile, but she was too busy looking around. Her calm and cold demure couples with her soft soft blue dress floating in the wind made her out as ethereal. Seeing her ignore him, he did not frown, but chuckled instead.

An array crackled to life when many were not paying attention, and Old Iba and his disciples stepped out. After them, another array followed and Tie Nse walked out.

"It's Patriarch Nse!" someone exclaimed. This caused Old Iba to pout. He came and no one noticed, but this old pervert just put out a foot and it caught someone's eye.

Attention turned, as they looked behind Tie Nse in anticipation, hoping to see for the first time. The person who has been causing much storm in the cultivation world.

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