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   Chapter 108 The light realm opens (3)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4688

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:53

"Are you sure he was talking to us? Bad dreams? Oh? This boy is getting more normal as the days pass. A girl waiting for him back home to go save, now bad dreams..hoho..." Tie Nse chuckled.

"True. Could be bad dreams. Or he just does not like one speaking about the sister in white...." Nti Anem said and the air around Edward dropped to freezing temperatures..."

"Aya! He is actually responding in his sleep?" Tie Nse and Nti Anem retreated quickly to a safe distance.

"I see..." Nti Anem said solemnly.

"What?.. What do you see?" Tie Nse asked.

"He is your disciple, figure it out." he responded and left quickly.

"Disciple? This boy never cared to bow to me!" Tie Nse complained.

Ed slept for five days, only waking up the day the light realm was to open. This worried Tie Nse, that he may not wake up in time to enter the light realm. His worry disappeared when Ed's door opened and he stepped out into courtyard as the sun peaked from the horizon.

"Good, you are awake. If you slept any longer, I would have taken you there and thrown you into the light realm to sleep more." Tie Nse said.

"What day is today?" Ed asked.

"The day you enter the light realm. It opens in a few hours. No matter, relax. We will be leaving soon." Tie Nse said.

"I slept that long?" Ed asked, then looked at himself carefully. He rotated the energy in his core only to find out it no more f

ay to the top.

"The five great sects!" someone exclaimed at the new groups that just stepped out of their portal. No matter how powerful one was, distinguished one seemed or proud one was of their different clans, groups and sects, they knew they were nothing compared to the nine powers... or better yet, eight powers.

"It's the spirit lantern's veiled ones." a young man drooled at the veiled girls behind the spirit lantern's lady Asin. Though there were many beautiful disciples and elders behind the sect leader, these mysteriously veiled girls held the attention of drooling men and anger of envious girls. It was said that one look at the veiled ones and a man would be trapped, tied to their will for a thousand years. This knowledge did nothing to stop the men from wondering at what could be under the veil.

"The Heaven sect has arrived!" someone exclaimed and all attention moved to those stepping out of an array.

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