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   Chapter 106 The light realm opens (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5265

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They were right. Tie Nse had long known that disbanding the heaven alliance meant he could not use the light realm token in his hand for Ed. The only way the token becomes valid is if he becomes a heaven seeker. After he had left Ed under the sinking mountain, he went into seclusion under the frozen sea.

Opening his eyes, he familiarized himself with the new feeling. He did not know how must time had passed. He had only told Old Iba to take Ed with him to enter the light realm with his disciples if he does not make it in time. At the state of heaven seeking, he did not need to walk out of the cave like he had entered. He could just faze out.

He fazed out to the surface of the frozen sea to the shock of those walking above. They stared at his form in wonder as he vanished from their sight. He did not need a teleportation array for a distance that short as to the sinking mountain. When he arrived, Afia Nta was waiting at the base.

"I thought you were not coming anymore. A pity." he said.

"For you, that is." Tie Nse answered.

"The boy lasted long. I see he is still alive."

"I would have been shocked if your stupid rock could kill him." Tie Nse said casually, but Afia Nta did not answer. He continued to stare at Tie Nse with a complicated gaze.

"Your power is greater now than before. You look even more like that boy around the eyes. You feel even more like him, even though just a little bit." Afia Nta said.

"I've told you, I am not the boy you are looking for." Tie Nse said.

"I don't know what time or reality this is. So I cannot s

e are always hidden powers out there." Nti Anem nodded.

"The light realm is a place those from the heaven seeking stage hope to enter. It holds the most amount of ethereal ores on any world, and the purest too. Even though those from the soul seeking stage can start using this to cultivate, it is very important for those of the heaven seeking above. It helps one survive a breakthrough to the next realm." Tie Nse said.

"Yes, I heard that when one breaks through at that stage, one is essentially erupting one's soul." Nti Anem said.

"But there is no soul is there? One is truly only exploding in soul energy, only to absorb it back to the other bodies. But doing this, one's physical body and other bodies may not survive. The ethereal ores help reattach what is left of the body and heal. It keeps one alive. The purer the ores, the better. Yet, the place with the purest ores, is the most dangerous for any from the soul realization stage upwards to enter." Tie Nse said.

"It's right there, yet you cannot take it." Nti Anem nodded.

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