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   Chapter 105 Preparations

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5605

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Ed stared at the giant feather he was holding with both hands, then he turned to look at the man beside him, but he was gone. He looked back at the feather and was met with it's sharp pointy end. The sharp point released a kind of feeling in him. As though it would kill him. At that moment, he felt the feather double in weight as though threatening to fall. His head buzzed at this feeling. The weight was nothing, but why was he slightly scared? As he wondered about this, the weight continued to fluctuate.

Tie Nse and the rest watched Ed get sucked into the illusion of the rock.

"What kind of spirit awakening cultivator is this? He can handle the weight of the mountain?" Afia Nta said and Tie Nse sighed, "I'm not sure what method he is using to hold your rock up at this moment. You rock risks possible damage if not destruction." he mumbled.

"What?" Afia Nta could not quite catch his words.

"Just come back ten years from now." Tie Nse said.

"You promised me someone to hold it up for five hundred years. I will see you then."

"Okay, that boy will just drop your stupid rock when we are ready to leave." Tie Nse said without care.

"You would not dare."

"You really think others care about this stupid rock, don't you?" Tie Nse asked.

"The way you talk reminds me of someone." Afia Nta said.

"Yes, yes... that is why you almost killed me. You've said it before."

"I will be back in Ten years." he said and vanished with the wind.

"That man, what is he?" Nti Anem asked.

"You have good eyes, energy manipulator. That is not a human being. This is the first holiday he has had in forever. His master got slain on this same rock and he

? Where?" Ku Jian asked excitedly.

"Ed? Who is this?" Lady Ku asked in confusion?

"I told you about this before.." the Ku clan chief sighed.

"So what are you saying, that I don't have good memory?" he regretted it the moment he said it. Seeing her turn around and scold him, he could only sigh.

"Ed is Heaven alliance patriarch Tie Nse's disciple." he explained, distracting her again.

"Oh? Is he strong? Why is Jian so excited?" she asked.

"The light realm. Word has it, he will also enter the light realm. As long as you go, you will meet him." Elder Hu explained to an excited Ku Jian.

"Really? Really?" her excitement only heightened. Elder Hu sighed a relief. He had survived again.

Just at that moment, a ringing tore through the sky with an orange glow not too far behind. Everyone froze.

"Someone is breaking through to the heaven seeking stage. A glow that reached this far into our mountain range from where ever the person is, it can only be one person." the Ku clan chief speculated.

"Who?" Lady Ku asked.

"Tie Nse." he answered.

"Who is that?" she asked and he sighed.

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