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   Chapter 102 Ten Years Holding Up A Feather (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4382

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:43

"The mist is part of a place known as the unknown lands. It is a doorway or better yet, path with different roads to many and all worlds. But no one has ever known how to navigate at will." Nti Anem said.

"He must return, or he will die. The moment you get sucked up into this world, and forget where you are from, or give up trying to go back, you will die. Seeing that you are still alive, I believe you are still trying to get back." Nti Anem said.

"You said you know a way?" Ed asked. Just thinking that he could return home, Ed was tensed.

"When you reach soul realization, I will tell you. I will even help you get there. But you must take me to the tail of reality." Nti Anem said.

"What?" Old Iba asked.

"It is just a place." Nti Anem shrugged.

"What do you want to do there?" Ed asked.

"I will make a body for myself. One that will be stronger than this." Nti Anem said.

"Are you sure you know a way out?" Ed asked and he nodded.

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because I want to get out too." he said and Ed looked away.

"Boy, let's talk. All of you, give us a moment." Tie Nse said, coming forward and sitting before Ed. The other two complied and walked away. For a while neither Ed nor Tie Nse spoke.

"The physical world huh?" Tie Nse asked, but Ed still stared at the sk

had been startled by this Old pervert's core. He knew that there was something odd about him. He knew that this man was dangerous. If he could survive that, could this old pervert survive the touch of his energy?

Even though he had not said his suspicion out loud, Tie Nse could guess where his mind was going.

"I'm not that strong, boy. Bones that fell out of the tomb reeked of that heavy energy. I am not quite sure you will survive this, but you are the only one I know that can even dare to enter there. Time is different in that place. That is why many are sent there and return much stronger. Out here, one might have only spent five years, but each year out here, is a thousand in there." Tie Nse said and Ed frowned. Five thousand years, he might loose himself. Already, he could feel himself become unstable. Could he spend five thousand years in the mist?

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