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   Chapter 101 Nti Anem's Identity

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4205

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:42

Ed had long was now leaning on the hell tree, staring at the pair arguing. His eyes moved past them to the boy behind them.

"You claim to know me." he said. And the other two stopped arguing.

"That's true, you never told me why you sent this boy here? It you had not informed my before time, I would have killed him." Old Iba raised the issue.

"He is an energy manipulator." Tie Nse said.

"What? They are extinct!" Old Iba could not believe it no matter what.

"It matters not if you think they are. He show cased his powers in the heaven alliance meet. The entire cultivation world knows he exists." Tie Nse said.

"The why is he here?" Old Iba asked, "don't tell me you want to add another monster to your other monster disciple you can't even afford to train!"

"He claimed to know my disciple more than anyone in the world." Tie Nse said.

"More than anyone in this world. After all, I walked through the mist with you, Prince Edward Oric Desecar of Jurazel and Emerald." Nti Anem said and Edward gave him a piercing stare. To his words, Tie Nse and Old Iba frowned. They had not heard of these places before. What was this boy sprouting?

"You know me?" Ed asked, "You are from back home."

"Not quite. My name is Helix Apteil, I am

y would I help you?"

"Because, I can get you home."

"I become a god eater, I can get home." Ed said.

"Not enough. Do you even know where you are?" Nti anem laughed.

"Home? Boy, what are you talking about?" Tie Nse had long been lost since their conversation started.

"This is the astral plane. In it, there are many realms, many worlds and many universes. We are from the physical plane." Nti Anem said.

"How?" Tie Nse asked, but Ed couldn't be bothered to answer.

"He went on a quest and entered the mist. The mist took him here." Nti Anem answered.

"You talk too much." Ed said to him and he raised his hand in surrender.

"The physical plane? Many books have said that there are many planes. One that no one has entered in forever, is the physical. How can you be here, if you are from there?" Tie Nse asked.

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