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   Chapter 100 How To Anger The Heavens (3)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4224

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:30

"You can go in and find out if you are that curious." Tie Nse said.

"Look!" Nti Anem said pointing at the sky.

At this moment, large figure could be seen in the sky forming. With every strike on Ed, the figure's form became clearer. One could see it holding a sledge hammer, looking down at Ed's form.

"Oh no. let's leave!" without thinking twice, Tie Nse pulled a long distance teleportation array from his space and it activated almost instantly, and the three jumped in without care.

At that moment, the form in the sky had taken up his hammer and pounded down with heavy force. The lightening that descended this time, had a radius of ten metres.

It struck Ed so hard, his bones quaked, making him spit out blood. With this strike, the pill in his system wore off, allowing the tribulation lightening to recede into the sky.

All Ed smelled was his burning skin. He laid there for a while and a figure approached cautiously some moments later.

Ed looked up at the person who approached, weakly. The sky had cleared and the sun was shining directly into his eyes.

"You are still alive?" A woman said in horror. The next moment, his eyes stilled dangerously.

"Don't even think about it." Ed said weakly. No one needed to tell him that this

hey increased their speed.

A while later, a teleportation array crackled into life back inside the forest by the hell tree. Old Iba stepped out of the with his toe first and his eyes closed. He moved his toe to feel if there was any lightening crackling. The next moment, he fell through the array, face first on the floor, with his backside in the air. He spun and Glared at the at the other two coming out of the array.

"How can you push me through? What if I died?" he scolded Tie Nse.

"You were wasting time. Besides, you were the one that said the effects of the pill should have worn off by now. Why so cautious?" Tie Nse said innocently.

"What if the heavens were still angrily descending lightening?" Old Iba complained.

"Why would they stay and risk us have something else up our sleeves?" Tie Nse asked with a scoff.

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