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   Chapter 98 How To Anger The heavens (1)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 04:26

"Yes. We can complete the one-three-six tree." the person who just arrived was Protector A'miem. Many looked at her celestial form and frowned. They were still really angry with her. if not for her, they would still be a Heaven alliance now.

Sensing their angry stares, she snorted.

"This protector intends to join you all into the Heaven Sect!" she said.

They frowned at this. Sect? With their potential, they only ended up as a sect?

"We may not be considered as one of the nine powers, but we are still a top force that is eligible for a token." she said.

"We are? How?" many were sceptical.

"Sure we have more than one soul awakening cultivator left, four soul realisation, but you are the only Heaven seeking cultivator left." Elder Di countered.

"Listen to me. I have arranged to have the sect techniques, skills and others hidden away from the world." she had spoken in to their minds directly, instead of saying it out loud. That's true. They may not have the precious skills taken away by the other when they disappeared, but the remaining are still rare!

"Move to the Ino twin mountains. We will be settling there." she said out loud. Many nodded and dispersed.

Protector A'miem turned to the elders who stayed back and spoke into their minds.

"I will be going to find my old friends to

ng to destroy what you are brewing?" Tie Nse asked.

"How are my supposed to know? I informed when the clouds started forming. I was yet to begin brewing then. The pill is ready. Maybe the tribulation lightening for the pill and his breakthrough have combined. Regardless, I am keeping it contained in the pot because I am not ready to find out!" old Iba said.

Tie Nse was glad he had kept a mental window to Ed open. If not, he would not have been able to communicate Nti Anem's message to him, and now, inform him that the pill is ready.

"Get ready, I'm sending in the pill." he communicated to Ed.

"Ok." was the only reply he got.

Taking out a jade box from inside his space, he turned to Old Iba and opened the box before him.

"Put the pill in here." he said and Old Iba froze.


"Mbad Iba, this is not the time for you to cower!" Tie Nse scolded.

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