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   Chapter 97 The Heaven Alliance Goes To sleep (5)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4554

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:25

At first he was just enjoying the drama in the Heaven alliance. But seeing him hand over the keys to the Godhand and Earthbound gate, he realized how serious this was.

When the protector had said they were disbanding, yet retaining all six great factions, they had just thought going to sleep meant going into seclusion. Now seeing as they gave back the gate keys, they were worried. The Demon race have just made a show of force, now calling themselves, demon people. This was not the time to loose a power like the Heaven alliance. Giving back the keys was impossible. The heaven alliance was specifically given the keys. When those keys were distributed, they were told that the Heaven alliance will be their last line of defence. They understood that this alliance had deeper roots than one would think.

"We cannot take that. That key must remain with the alliance!" The Ku clan head insisted. Many raised their brows at the attitude of the nine powers. Didn't factions and powers fight for possession of the gate keys? Wasn't it said that the gate keys could help increase ones overall strength? Why was one before their eyes, yet no one dared to collect?

What they did not know was that no one ever tried to gain possession of the gates under the Heaven alliance. Apart from ownership of gate keys symbolizing ones power and helping to raise cultivati

hen they descended and their feet touched the ground did they believe their eyes.

"It's gone." Jia Lin paled. Without the alliance, what was he?

"Only the alliance mountain range disappeared. The two gate towers are reported to still be standing." one of the elders reported to Elder Di.

"What now?" someone asked.

"The two clans have sent someone to tell the gate members to evacuate. They are joining hands to maintain the gate in the alliance's absence. It seems they are really keeping the gate keys for the patriarch." another elder said.

"What patriarch? He is no more our patriarch!" another rebuked.

"The Patriarch! He is still around right? He went to train his disciple!" someone said enthusiastically.

"So what? He has abandoned our alliance." someone else said.

"Where do we go? The light realm will open in Ten years. Are we qualified to join now?" someone asked sourly.

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