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   Chapter 96 The Heaven Alliance Goes To Sleep (4)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4143

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:23

"And if we stay?" Elder Di said through his teeth. He could not believe this was happening. If they left the alliance, there was no power that would take them. His son's glory will never come to pass!

"Then you will sleep." Protector Nkong said.

"For how long?" Elder Di asked.

"Till another patriarch in the line of patriarchs needs you to wake." his answer caused discussions amongst the crowd.

"I will not stay. How can I exist only to serve someone else?" one said and left he area in haste.

"Me neither."

"Let's leave!"

As all these happened, Protector A'miem paled. What was this? How did it get to this? She only wished to force her grand disciple on the patriarch. Why had she ever heard of this law? She had always known that the alliance could only be lead by the patriarch, but never understood the basis for this law. Was this it? A personal army?

"Call the factions over." Protector Nkong said to the old man beside him. Nodding, the protector turned around and returned to the heaven alliance mountain range.

"Where is he going?" Protector A'miem panicked.

"To call together all factions of the alliance." Protector Nkong answered.

"To do what?" she asked.

"They know their duty. The patriarch

ng turned to the young ones. His eyes trained at Eh Nam and the young man frowned at this.

"I have been watching your progress, boy. I know that you are only interested in the development of your battle skill. The alliance is the best place for you." the moment these words were spoken, Eh Nam looked at the protector deeply.

"Why?" he asked.

"The alliance is a never dying fighting force. It is for those with loyalty. Not just to the patriarch but to the love of battle and growth through battle. Loyalty to transcend glory and time. It sounds like you." one of the protectors answered.

Protector Nkong turned to the other powers and produced a case. In the case were two feathers the size of an arm. "

"That's..." Lady Mi started to say.

"You cannot return that, Nkong." the Ke clan chief frowned deeply.

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