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   Chapter 94 The Heaven Alliance Goes To Sleep (2)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 04:18

"The Demon race!" someone exclaimed.

Tension rippled through the crowd. The demon race had all been pursued from the cultivation world. How could they resurface?

"The Demon race are not of the human world. It is forbidden for them to enter the human world." The Ke clan chief said dangerously. To his words, the demon lady laughed. Her pale and slightly dark lips made her out as ghostly as she laughed.

"The demon race is not here." she said and they all frowned. You are basically standing right there! Have some shame! All were thinking the same.

"It matters not if you are here or not. You will Die!" the Ku clan head realise a mountain of pressure on them. To this, the demon woman snorted and released hers. The two pressures collided in the sky and the crowd held their breath. The hair on their skin stood as a zinging ran across their skin. No one needed to be told that it was the Ku clan's lightening they were feeling. But with the lightening, came a smell of burnt hair in the air.

"Ah!" someone exclaimed. He was a lower level cultivator. The heat wave touching his skin felt as though he was standing in a burning room.

"The demon race fire!" another exclaimed.

"You claim to not be of the demon race yet you can use the demon race fire." Se Tibe snorted and released his sword qi on them and the sharp pressure threatened to cut on in half.

"Is this how the n

. You hid to prepare yourself to be eligible to enter the light realm. Though the human world had the law banning all demon race people, only humans can enter the light realm. Demons cannot survive inside. Now that you have the right to enter and stand in the human world as a great power, you show up." Tie Nse analysed.

Many seemed to understand this fact. It was not hat all demons were removed from the human world, it is that those that remained were not truly demons or truly demons. When the demon race returned to the fifteen levels of hell, those that were not true demons could not go with them, nor were they accepted in the human world, so they stayed hidden all this time. Now that they have a right to be called human, they came out of hiding just in time to receive tokens to enter the light realm.

"Do you think we will just give it to you because you asked?" the Heaven alliance head protector had arrived.

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