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   Chapter 93 The Heaven Alliance Goes To Sleep (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4925

Updated: 2019-11-20 04:16

The heaven alliance members paled.

They could not believe their ears. Of all the outcomes, they had never thought of this. Protector A'miem was also the same. She never thought he would take such a decision.

Many looked at the still kneeling Di Wong. No one could utter a word.

"Patriarch..." the elders suddenly stood in panic.

"Even if you don't want Di Wong as your disciple, you don't need to go as far as leaving the alliance." Protector A'miem said with a frown.

They did not understand how Tie Nse thought. Non of them understood that he had always wanted to leave the alliance. If not for his relationship with the old patriarch, he would have long left. Still, all these years, no matter how he had ignored the alliance, he always came out to help them when there was a crisis. This was why all the powers stayed away. They knew that no matter how Tie Nse ran from his patriarch seat, he would not abandon the alliance.

But today really disappointed him. It showed how little the protectors thought of him. He was not their chosen patriarch and they only let this matter go because he had the power to back up his position, and the alliance gained from being under him. But he never thought they would go as far as what they did today.

Right now, he had a disciple. He may have taken this boy in because he was forced to have one by the alliance but, now that he had him, he was too curious about this boy to let go.

If he allowed himself to be

uries. If it is broken now what happens to the alliance?

Protector A'miem was greatly angered. Were they making her out as the devil of this situation? The other Heaven alliance protectors finally realized that things were getting bad. They hurriedly informed the other protectors in seclusion to hurry out.

"Do you really intend to oppose me?!" Protector A'miem asked the elders.

Just as Tie Nse was about to open his mouth to speak, a deep laugh rang though the air. After the laughter came a tear in the sky. The clouds seemed to darken and the sunlight suddenly had a hue of red in it's rays. Many frowned as the crack got larger. Soon, Three people stepped out of it. There were two men and a woman. They wore black monk robes that accentuated their pale and almost bloodless skin.

"Now, this is a lively gathering." the leader in front said as the three walked through the air. No one needed telling to know who these were.

"The Demon race!" someone exclaimed.

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