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   Chapter 91 The Stench Of Betrayal (2)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 04:13

"You are the patriarch, Tie Nse, do you know that? All this fuss for what? Do as they say, hand over the boy." the woman said.

To this, Tie Nse laughed.

"So you know that I am the patriarch. My disciple is coveted by outsiders, they stand in heaven alliance territory and arrogantly cause trouble, yet as the alliance protectors you do not side with me?" Tie Nse said.

Even with their arrival, he did not seem panicked. Even though he laughed, his eyes fixed a cold stare on the body of the woman that had spoken.

"You understand that this is a big issue that concerns the entire cultivation world. You should not act without reason!" one of the heaven alliance protectors rebuked.

"You have always been a strange one, Tie Nse. Always selfish and unconcerned for serious things. Yet I had not thought you would be one to ignore the entire cultivation world." protector Tang accused.

"Even if I ignore the cultivation world, they refuse to ignore me." Tie Nse said solemnly. His words caused many to have a bad feeling.

"Speak! Where is the boy?!" the female protector ordered.

"It seems as though staying in your mountain so long has melted your brain, Protector A'miem. Since when did the protectors have the right to order the patriarch. Until the alliance is in danger, you are not to interfere with the affairs of the clan!" Tie Nse may have spoken harshly, yet one could only hear his leisurely tone. One could not even see anger in his eyes.

At this moment the had retreated several meters back. The arena was already destroyed, and looking at the stand off, another fight might break out.

on harbouring a criminal, I ask that the Heaven alliance protectors stand back as we extract the location of the criminal from him!" the jade phoenix alliance protector said. To this, the entire area drowned in silence.

Were they joking? Even if the protectors wanted to have Tie Nse hand over his disciple, there was no way they would stand aside as their patriarch fights.

"Allowed!" Protector A'miem said and everyone was struck dumb. They looked at the leisure looking Tie Nse and felt pity. Was the alliance betraying him?

"Protector Tang! Stand down!" the Ku clan chief ordered fiercely.

Protector Tang looked at him with a frown. Was he really going to stand against him here? Looking at the serious Ku clan chief, he felt the need to rush over and give him a slap.

"Unlike the Heaven alliance protectors that hold not respect for the patriarch seat, those who disobey the Ku clan chief will be punished! I hold the power to banish you. We are not lacking those of your calibre. Do not let me repeat myself." the Ku clan chief's voice lowered dangerously.

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