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   Chapter 83 Mass Elimination Battles (3)

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Tie Nse's eyes grazed past Jia Lin and moved to another stage. There, someone was lounged at the edge of the stage, completely bothered. Many understood why. This was Di Wong. He completely looked down on the mass elimination stage of the meet.

"Why would he bother with the small fries? He is waiting till the strong remain." someone said.


"But standing around like this, isn't this just showing arrogance?" another asked.

"When you are as strong as him, you too can show yours."

"Someone who had done his spirit picking at the age of seven and entered spirit awakening at fifteen and spirit merging before he struck eighteen. Entered spirit awareness at twenty-five and I hear he just broke through to the mid soul seeking before the meet, making him the strongest person participating in the meet. And he is only fifty five. He is the youngest person at soul seeking at the moment." someone said.

"So what? If I had a father that was a council elder in the alliance, I too would have gotten that far." someone said.

"He is not even the strongest person in the meet. There is still Eh Nam. He just struck hundred. He entered soul seeking five years ago. His cultivation at that stage will be much more stable than Di Wong." another concurred.

Many people hearing this argument thought the same. It was said that Elder Di spared no effort to make his son another Tie Nse. Sure he could level up fast, but it was harder to cultivate the higher one went. And it showed. So what if he was the youngest soul seeker in the continent? Tie Nse reached that stage at twenty, becoming patriarch at mid soul awakening at the age of forty. Even though it was because the old patriarch was dying and the alliance needed a leader fast, it did not go unnoticed that Tie Nse could fight far above his level. He reached soul realization at sixty, shaking the entire cultivation world. It i

long under his continuous attacks.

Clink! The sword broke into two. She did not have the time to worry about her master's sword as she hurriedly escaped for her life. But without a sword, what could she really do? Jia Lin's sword made to stab her chest and she swayed out of the way. But not in time to escape completely. She felt the cool metal stab through her shoulder and come out the other side. Pulling out his sword, Jia Lin kicked her out of the stage. He could not seem to calm his breath. This fight was too hard. If his strikes were not powerful and his opponent a novice at fighting, he would have long died. Many saw this too, but they were too impressed by the fact that he fought someone several levels above his cultivation.

Taking in deep breaths, he looked around. On his stage, the numbers had greatly dwindled. There were twenty one people on his stage. They all looked at each other. He could tell that these people were powerful. He would be crazy to take on any one of them. They too looked at him and someone else behind him. They all felt that since he and that person were the weakest on the stage, they should decide for themselves who will be the final twenty.

Jia Lin turned to look at the person and his eyes met, Heavenly Rain.

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