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   Chapter 82 Mass Elimination Battles (2)

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His eyes scanned the crowd as though threatening them to say another word. The crowd complied and went silent immediately, allowing the officiating elder to speak. He had said those words hoping to help the young master, yet he had ended up embarrassing them.

With a red face, he coughed and continued.

"Those that wish to participate, step unto the stages. The stage you pick does not matter. At least one hundred people on one stage."

The contestants complied and stepped unto the stage. Many started to whisper, wondering how the meet intended to carry out the mass elimination this time. The last time, they had put the contestants in a pocket world and sent them to bring back tokens laid around. They had to fight both each other for the tokens and the spirit beasts. The irony was that they were told that the tokens were important in the next level of the competition. Since they were not told how many tokens they were supposed to pick, people thought it better to be safe and pick more. Only to return and were told to look behind the token. They were supposed to fight any one with the same number as the one under their token. Some were forced to fight three to four times and ended up getting eliminated from exhaustion.

Seeing all the contestants on the stage, they waited for the officiating elder to speak.

"There are more than five hundred of you, we only need a hundred for the next stage. The match will end when only twenty of you remain on one stage. How you intend to remain, is up to you. When there are exactly twenty people on a stage, all conflict must stop." Many looked at each other as he spoke. Isn't this just pu

There was no need to be too brutal. Even though Jia Lin was not killing them, he was definitely leaving serious injuries on them.

Soon, Jia Lin paused and looked around. The fight was still going on, but the numbers had thinned. Though no one came after him any more, the fighting spirit had already been ignited in him. Without thinking twice, he entered the crowd and attacked.

He picked his opponent carefully. This girl was only at the late spirit awareness, this was several levels above him, yet he had confidence in himself. She was using a sword just like him, so he was sure the one with the upper hand would be him.

The girl saw him attack her suddenly and turned to defend frantically.

"Shameless." she said. She understood that it was his superiority in the art of swords that sent him her way. Still, her panic only stayed for a second. The next, she noticed his cultivation level and confidence filled her.

"Since your level in the thousand swords skill makes you so arrogant, I will crush it today." she said and attacked him with the full might of her cultivation level.

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