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   Chapter 80 Nti Anem

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5415

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"Are there any other who wish to lay their complaints?" he asked, scanning the contestants.

"Yes. I wish to withdraw from this competition." Nti Anem said the silence in the arena, couldn't be more loud.

Someone who had passed wanted to withdraw? This was ridiculous, many started to whisper amongst themselves.

"Nti Anem, right? Why do you wish to withdraw? Those that enter top three can join the Hell's squad, gaining the right to study skills left by all the past and present patriarchs." the person who spoke, was Council head Si. He understood how powerful energy manipulators could be. Such a precious person did not wish to stand at the top of the heaven alliance? Was this not giving other people the opportunity to take this boy away?

"Haha! This is new. Boy, if the Heaven alliance is not enough for you, my Jade phoenix alliance is there." Lady Mi spoke. Her having talked, those from the sects could not say a word. Compared to the alliances and the clans, they were nothing.

"Lady Mi, what do you mean by this? Little Anem, listen to father and continue with the competition." Gate master Nti panicked. This adopted son of his, he could not really control!

"Boy, Listen to your father." Gate master Ma supported. Though they were usually enemies, when it came to standing against other powers, they were both from the alliance. Even though this boy's existence will overshadow his own daughter and disciple, there was no way he was okay with another power possessing him. Isn't that allowing another person to have the opportunity to step on your head?

"Patriarch, I wish to meet your disc

energy the boy emits, everyday he was learning more about how to use it. He may not survive.

Many waited for Tie Nse to refute Nti Anem, but no answer came. Was it possible? Many frowned this boy needed to be investigated!

"If I take you to him, you may die." Tie Nse warned.

"I believe you have a way of passing him a message. Tell him, when he walked through the mist, I was mistakenly dragged in with him. Let him decide." Nti Anem said.

Tie Nse paused for a while. How long he stood, made people sure he was relaying the message. The next moment, he blinked before Nti Anem and handed him a teleportation talisman. Nti Anem did not stand to wonder or thank him. He used it the moment it entered his hand and vanished from the arena.

People could not stop talking. Some even had a little courage to shout questions at Tie Nse, now and then. They wanted an explanation. But were they worthy? Tie Nse did not even look at them as he coldly announced, "The proper meet begins tomorrow" and vanished before the other powers had the chance to throw questions at him.

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