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   Chapter 79 Heaven Alliance Meet (6)

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Seeing his disciple and daughter descend with ease, showcasing their skills, the Godhand gate master smiled with pride. He could not help looking in the patriarch's direction to see his reaction.

"Don't be proud too soon, Gate master Ma." the person who spoke was seated beside the Godhand gate master, his eyes filled with scorn. He was the Earthbound gate master.

"Speak when you can lift you little head with pride as well, Gate master Nti" he replied to the words easily. Even though they were all the heaven alliance, everyone knew that the Godhand gate and the Earthbound gate always competed against each other. This started a long time ago, when the last heaven alliance patriarch was at his prime of five hundred years of age. He was an odd old man with an odd sense of humour. He believed that the earth and the heavens don't mix, one was always trying to show his superiority, so he replicated this with the Godhand gate and the Earthbound gate by making two enemies gate masters of the two gates. Since then, the two had never seen eye to eye.

Instead of replying to Gate master Ma's words, Gate master Nti smirked and nodded at the first stage. Just that moment, silence took over the arena.

Gate master Ma looked in that direction and his face froze.

"Impossible!" he exclaimed.

At this time, a young boy hovered in mid air. There was a buzz in the air that made ones hair stand in the wrong direction. Not only hairs were moving in the wrong direction, everything else too. Drinks spilling from cups flowed the wrong way; up instead of down.


The stages started to descend slowly, cracking as though trying to resit the power causing it's descent.

"Magic?" someone said.

"Idiot! Magic are things of little children in villages." another countered.

"Then what? This is not cultivation."

"Yes, " another said, " I have seen many

afraid that such a person appearing before him would cause to much damage to his mental state.

The Judges made their decision and handed a list to the officiating elder. The elder handed the list to an attendant who read out the names. The list revealed that the boy was called Nti Anem, when he stepped out from the crowd to join the winners. Many eyes followed him as he moved, looking at him as though he was a strange animal. There were some who were unhappy that their names had not been called.

"We reached the ground too. Why were we not called. Those who reach the ground pass, is what was said." one of them asked.

When those words were said, many sighed and shook their heads at this. Even his master in the crowd felt ashamed to have such a student.

"I never said that reaching the ground means you have passed. I said, the winners will be picked from those who reached the ground. How you reach the ground is important." the officiating elder said, his cold eyes piercing into the boy's being, causing him to tremble.

"Are there any other who wish to lay their complaints?" he asked, scanning the contestants.

"Yes. I wish to withdraw from this competition." Nti Anem said the silence in the arena, couldn't be more loud.

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