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   Chapter 70 Ghost City (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4563

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"Only an arm broke? your physical body is not the same at those in the great spill." Ed commented, "Fine. More powered then. Stand still; this next punch of mine will kill you."

The Jade Phoenix alliance elder almost vomited blood at his words. She should stand still? This boy was too infuriating.

"Little Fu, hand over the turtle shell!" she ordered her disciple. The little girl saw her master's sorry form and did not hesitate. She threw her a spatial ring, which the elder wore immediately. Ed blinked before her, just when she manifested a gold shield in front of her. Ed's fist descended upon the shield and his bones cracked and muscles tore.

He immediately retreated at this.

"A divine treasure. I see I was not the only one to get something from the astral roots." Ed said. They all narrowed their eyes at his arm.

"He is wounded! Good. Elder Ban, let us cooperate together." an elder suggested. He was the only one amongst them that was at the soul awakening stage.

"How?" she asked.

"Shield me. When he is close enough, I will attack with a divine weapon." he said.

"Good. He will be coming at me again. Just time to when he strikes again." she said.


"He is healing fast." she said and he turned his attention to Ed's arm that was healing so fast, many trembled.

"Impossible." he said.

"Everything about this boy

"Only you would think of teaching his disciple to be shameless." Old Iba fumed.

"He wasted all my good intentions." Tie Nse said.

"I pity the powers down there. They were unlucky enough to meet you and your unreasonable disciple." Old Iba said, "The entire cultivation world has been shamed by you two master and disciple."

"What shame? They should be honoured! Look down there. All powers working together for one cause; something that has never been seen in millennia. Even while people he is teaching them unity. This, I must learn from him." Tie Nse said.

Ed calmly looked at the group before him.

"Good. Stay perfectly still." he said and blinked backwards a few meters. Letting go of the rope, it disappeared back into the Yhenxia sword. He pulled all of his strength as he clenched his hand.

They brazed themselves.

He pulled back and blinked before the first layer of shields.

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