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   Chapter 69 Ghost city (1)

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Ed had long mastered the devil's cage. This was a spatial technique that could bind people in a certain space, allowing only the user to move around at will. The first thing he did was to divide the cage into different levels. The first level only commoners were locked in. the second level held cultivators. He contemplated dividing the cultivators into groups, but felt he would not get a good fight by doing so. Leaving the commoners stuck in the dark, he allowed the light of the sun to enter the second level. It would not be much of a fight if those he was fighting could not see him.

Outside the city, Tie Nse and Old Iba looked at the section of the city that suddenly had light. They could see through the dome into that side of the city.

"He is crazy. You are crazy." Old Iba said solemnly.

"He at least knows not to waste this opportunity I gave him. This is a chance for him to fight to his heart's content." Tie Nse said.

"Why did you go out there? You knew that it was necessary he kept his identity a secret, yet you still went out there." old Iba said.

"Seeing how fast the astral roots competition ended, he probably had not fought to his fill. This is me helping him." Tie Nse said casually.

"And if they kill him? He is still only a spirit picking sapling. Ability to use energy or not, they can kill him easily."

"He must learn with his life on the line." Ti Nse said and Old Iba sighed, "This boy had done you wrong in a past life."

Inside the city, Ed stared at the angry cultivators with a calm look in his eyes. He manifested a rope and a sword form the Yhenxia sword and faced them.

"What do you intend to do?" someone from the Jade Phoenix alliance asked.

o kill them with pure might alone. He wished to fight till he could not move. He blinked before them, appearing as his fist descended unto their middle. They were fast enough to evade his incoming fist, letting it strike the earth.


The earth gave way as a crater formed at it's middle. No matter how fast they had escaped, they could not keep standing straight with the earth giving way beneath their feet. Ed ignored those lying inside the crater and attacked those outside it. His body moved swiftly lurching through the air and spinning right on time to deliver a kick to the jade phoenix elder. She blocked with her arm, and immediately regretted it.

At the soul seeking stage, her bones had hardened beyond the hardness of Xuan Gold. Yet, ...


"Impossible!" she bellowed as she was flung a meter back.

"You did not use any energy, how?" she asked after landing in a pile of earth. Her green robes now dirtied with dust.

"Only an arm broke? your physical body is not the same at those in the great spill." Ed commented, "Fine. More powered then. Stand still; this next punch of mine will kill you."

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