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   Chapter 67 To Kill Or Not To Kill (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6491

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Space warped and Ed found himself in a large hall. Inside, he could see all the cultivators from all other great spills. Looking closer, he noticed that they were much less than when they had entered the astral roots. Most looked at those around them with caution. It was clear, a fight was going to break out. But just then, space warped again and they were standing in their respective great spills. Those from the south side city's great spill returned to where they had stood before entering the astral roots; around the underground pond. They looked at the elders before them in confusion.

"What's going on?" someone asked.

"I didn't even get the chance to find a treasure." another said.

"Not just you, me too."

"The experience in the astral roots was shorter than I expected."

"My master once said that it would sometimes take up to a month out here before people start coming out. What is going on?"

"What day is it, now?"

"Elders, why are you saying nothing?" many were worried that as they have been removed from the spill ahead of time, they will not have the opportunity to enter again.

"The pond is dry!" someone had finally noticed the empty pond and exclaimed.

"What does this mean?"

"Elders!!" someone called them in anger. The first elder cleared her throat and looked at the crowd.

"The astral roots have dried." she said. Silence hunted the grounds at that moment, before someone in the crowd sneered.

"That means my deal with you is off" he said and she sighed in response. They all somewhat understood what he meant. A lot of them had made deals with the elders so that they could keep their treasures.

"The great spill is no more. Then, you have no use." another said and her eyes narrowed.

"You would not even try to offer me what you have found?" she sneered, "No matter what, I am still a cultivator of the...."

"No matter what realm you are on, you don't compare to the host o

nternal energy regardless of the restrictions.

He immediately got up. He needed to know. He stepped out of his cave and saw no one. The great spill looked much smaller than he remembered. He could see the entrance to the battleground from where he stood. The town was even nearer. This was not always so. Could it be as they had predicted? The great spill was collapsing into nothing? He decided he will not be waiting to find out. He had to leave the great spill. By now, everyone should have made their way to the gates. He wasted no time and did so too.

When he arrived the gates, he saw cultivators walking through one by one.

"We are leaving soon after we get out. Would you like to come with us?" Ed suddenly heard Ku Nam say beside him.

"No. I have somewhere to be." Ed answered. He had not forgotten that he was supposed to find the Hell tree. He wanted to ask Ku Nam, but something told him he did not want this boy knowing where he was going.

"Okay then. If you one day need to come to the Ku Clan, make sure to ask for me." he said and entered the gateway. Only after he had arrived at the other side, did he realized he had not asked for Ed's name.

Ed just looked at his leaving back and waited his turn. Soon, he stepped through the gate and left the great spill.

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