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   Chapter 65 Chaos In The Astral Roots (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6567

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Ku Nam led his team through dark wet corridors hurriedly. Strings of man eating vines whipped at them hungrily. He held a formidable sword in hand as he slashed at any vine that crawled near.

"Brother Nam, looking at how restless they are; we should be really near." Autumn bloom said

"Let's move faster." Ku Nam said, rushing forward.

They reached the doorway soon enough, panting and slightly wounded. Except Ku Nam, who looked completely clean in his white robes. When they stepped through the doorway into a long stone hall, the man eating vines retreated. As fast as they had moved, they were not the only ones to have entered the stone hall. Opposite the long walkway at the middle of the hall, a team of four stepped in almost the same time as they did.

Tension could be felt through the dusty air as the two teams locked gazes. As though a whistle had been blown, the two teams immediately started racing through the walkway towards the platform at the end of the hall.

Ku Nam slowed down, letting his team rush past him. He pulled a lot of his physical strength to his palms and slapped two of them on the back, shooting them passed everyone, towards platform. He spun around so fast, the other team could not tell how he had moved. He faced them with his fingers already making the last of complicated hand seals.


Lightening crashed from the ceilings into the hall, striking everything within a twenty foot radius around him. Everyone, including his remaining team mates were struck stiff. They felt a slicing pain through their bodies. Their muscles to their cells hurt so bad, they screamed in pain. This was definitely grade five lightening.

Regardless, Ku Nam did not stop moving. He manoeuvred through the streaks of lightening and grabbed his remaining two team mates and threw them out of the walkway and thereby, out of the lightening radius. They landed on dirt with aching bones, allowing Ku Nam to turn to the other

gh the air, almost tearing through his skull. The bow in his hand seemed to hum in response. Something about it's hum, made Ku Nam feel it was scared. The bow glowed bright white and the light sipped into his pores and hit his blood. This only made the pain increase. A bone tattoo appeared on the wrist of his dominant hand, hot as coal. It felt as though someone had taken a red hot stylus and carved the tattoo into his wrist. As they tattoo sealed, he could feel the bow much clearly. It was a though he could tell what it felt. As the bow's feelings rushed into his mind, he cursed out loud and tumbled to the ground. The bow had physically disappeared, but he could feel it hiding inside him.

This stupid bow was afraid of the screeching that it forced a life contract unto him and hid inside his body. His companions all heard the screeching, but only Ku Nam fell, writhing in pain.

"Brother Nam!" the companion closest to him reached for his falling form in panic. Autumn Bloom paused as she heard the panicked shout and looked back to see Ku Nam fall. The companion tried to touch him, but hot lightening repelled him, flinging him to the other side of the room.

As Ku Nam felt his consciousness start to slip into the ethers, a seal unlocked in his body and thick lightening surrounded him.

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