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   Chapter 64 Entering The Astral Roots

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By the time Ed emerged from his cave, the entire great spill was in chaos. He was alerted to come out from training as all will be entering the astral roots today. Looking at the rushed nature of cultivators, Ed frowned. According to Ku Nam, they still had some time before the Astral roots opened. They would at least enter the battleground once more before astral roots open. Why was it opening ahead of schedule?

He was not the only one worried, out the great spills in the cities, the guests from outside the demon lands were frowning too. How could the roots open before schedule? The doorway to the great spill was not crowded before time, as many made camp outside, sat and waited for the cultivators to emerge from the astral roots. The inns near the entrance were filled too. In one of the rooms in an inn with a direct view of the great spill door way, sat Tie Nse, Old Iba and a young man. The young man sat by the corner quietly while, the other two watched the crowd by the great spill doorway from their window.

"What are the odds that the astral roots open ahead of time time while your disciple is inside?" Old Iba asked.

"It may not be his fault." Tie Nse picked on his nails leisurely.

"Do you really believe that? With his capabilities, you should expect everything."

"True. But that place is not simple either. All that is known of that place is the myth." Tie Nse said.

"Godeaters? Is it even possible?" Old Iba asked.

"Who knows?"

"Still, your disciple could still be responsible for this. After all, he too is basically a myth." Old Iba said.

"Still, we have to wait till he comes out to find out. Using that pill you made will have to wait till he comes out." Tie Nse said.

"Who would have thought he would join the fight for treasures too." Old Iba asked.

"Him? That boy does not care for treasures. Now that I think about it, I don't know what he wants." Tie Nse said thoughtfully.

"What kind of master are you? If you don't even know what he wants, how can you help him reach his goal?" Old Iba mocked.

"The boy barely talks. When he comes, you ask him yourself." Tie Nse scuffed.

Back in the great spill, Ed joined the rest of the cultivators as they moved towards the same direction. It took a while of running before they entered a large pavilion. Ed entered and noticed that the pavilion seemed as though it was endlessly long. Many continued to run yet the pavilion continued. He noticed that the floor tilted slightly, almost as though they were slowly running underground. Soon, they all stood before a large pond. He was now sure they were underground, as they air smelled of earth and the light

ienced quest taker, is a quest taker never the less." the spirit said. Ed pulled the Yhenxia sword swiftly out of his space the moment the pressure lifted slightly.

He coursed some of his energy through the sword, and it hummed through the air, then sent out a screech, which sounded excited to Ed's ears. This was the first time the sword had reacted since he had received it from that oracle.

"You... why do you have that?" the spirit retreated rapidly.

"What kind of quest taker goes around without his Yhenxia sword?" Ed sneered. He was angry now. There was no way he was letting this spirit free.

The spirit felt Ed's energy through the sword as Ed readied to swing and screamed. "What are you?!" the spirit could feel darkness like no other envelope him from Ed's sword. If that energy touched him, he would seize to exist! Pulling all his strength, the spirit winked away. It was fast, but Ed sword still grazed him before he could vanish. Ed heard his baleful scream before it vanished and anger took over him. That thing escaped after wanting to make him food? His anger seemed to resonate through the Yhenxia sword, causing it to screech louder. Ed looked up at it and noticed it's soft blue glow; the writings on the sword glowing brighter than the rest of the sword.

He could feel that the sword was excited and refused to be put back in. it's screeching resonated through the astral roots, it was almost as though it was calling out to something. Ed was too curious to put it back in. the sword responded for the first time, he wanted to know what it was up to. He wanted to understand it.

Unknown to him, this screeching was heard through out the astral roots, causing all the treasures to misbehave. All hell had broken loose in the astral roots.

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