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   Chapter 63 Devil's Cage (2)

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Ed pulled out a pill form his spatial ring and swallowed. It did not take long before he started to feel the effects of the pill. He could suddenly breath better, his skin that had turned white from blood lost, started to regain it's colour. He got up and entered the spirit pond in his room fully clothed, to wash off his blood that had started to stick to him. Inside the pond. He pondered upon the skill he had taken out of the ring. It was a jade slip, and he was yet to look into it.

Settling in the pond, he looked into the jade slip.

"Devil's cage?" he found himself in a scene that he suspected was a memory. The name; devil's cage rushed into his mind, as he saw a man in black execute a skill. Space distorted around the man as everything in a twenty kilometres radius of him was locked in a space. Everything paused, as though frozen in time. Locked inside with him, were enemy cultivators spanning far as the eyes could see. Ed looked closely, he noticed that it was not that they had paused, their movements had slowed down. Those with higher cultivations could still move somewhat freely.

The man in black went on a killing spree. No spirit energy leaked into this space. Everyone was it his mercy. Only pure physical combat could be used in the fight. The man in black, being the only one able to use sense his spirit energy and manipulate it, killed them all. It was a blood bath.

After the image finished, Ed found himself in a dark room. Black walls to all sides, locking him in. The man in black appeared before him.

"Who are you?" Ed asked.

"You wish to learn the devil's cage? You must break out of this room." the man said mechanically and disappeared. Ed almost sighed. He had not decided to learn this skill, yet he was already stuck inside. He could withdraw his mind from the jade slip, but he was suddenly interested in getting this skill.

Folding his hand into a fist, he pounded at the walls from all directions, hoping to find a loophole.

In the great spill, many were preparing for their entrance into the astral roots. People had already formed groups and pledged allegiance to different elders.

There were three great spills in the demon lands. They too were preparing to enter. All the great spills were connected to the astral roots. They were sure they would meet other cultivators from different great spills.

In the south side city, many powers from outside the demon lands had started arriving. They all came with high ranking martial artists preparing to get their young ones back to their sect in one piece. The hostile feeling in the air was strong. In the city lord's residence, a large banquet for great powers from outside the demon lands was

arred? That will never happen!" Elder Diye said and took a threatening step forward.

"We respect you, Tze sect, but you must not break the laws of the demon lands." the new clan head said tensely. It was taking all his strength to remain brave right now. The Tze sect were not happy with his words, but they could not go on a killing spree in the demon lands. The demon land treaty with the two clans and two alliances is clear. No power above grade two could enter the demon lands and establish dominance. Below the nine powers, there were nine grades and their Tze sect was a grade three power. They could not kill off an entire clan in the demon lands, they could only kill those who have done them wrong. The only way they could kill off the entire Ah clan was if they had all contributed to kill their sect members. Pinning such a crime on them was easy. After all, power is everything. But this was a bad time. Many powers were arriving the demon lands, awaiting their young geniuses to emerge from the astral roots with treasures.

Elder Diye scuffed and turned away. It matters not. They could come back after those powers have gone to kill their entire clan. The Ah clan members sighed a relieve as the Tze sect left. They all turned to their clan head in fear.

"Prepare to leave the demon lands." he instructed and they all sighed in despair and dispersed. The clan head was suddenly surrounded by the elders, who looked as worried as he was.

"Are we really leaving?" one of them asked.

"We still have a hand to play. My grandson as well as most of yours, are in the great spill. They will enter the astral roots. If they come out with a treasure, we can offer it to powers greater or on par with the Tze sect in return for their protection." he said and they all nodded in agreement.

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