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   Chapter 57 Trouble In The First Section

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Ed was led to his cave at the edge of the first section. Seeing this, he glanced at Ntia.

"like I thought, very predictable action." he said and walked in. as the door closed before Ntia's face, she snorted. Even if this thing told anyone of her master's bias, no one would care, she thought and walked away.

Ed was sure that this cave must have less astral energy that is why it was given to him, but he did not care. The energy he felt in here was five times stronger than in his last cave and with his contemplation technique, he was beyond the average cultivator.

Someone else might feel wronged by the first elder's actions, but not him. He could absorb this energy must faster than any other cultivator could, so this action of theirs made no impact on him. Not only was the energy stronger in this cave, the quality of the cave was better. The walls looked as though they were polished stone.

Ed entered the bedroom and sat in lotus fashion on the ground. He did not immediately begin to cultivate. He first sat and replayed all his fights in the battle ground in his mind and gauged his level of control. He was very satisfied with the results he had gotten.

He understood that, though the great spill was

gy in the cave.

The action was much easier since he had done it before. His body became a massive hole, sucking in all the energy in the cave greedily. In a few breaths of time, the energy coming from the pond into the cave could not keep up. Like before, he places his hand in the pond and absorbed greedily.

The energy this time, was richer, stronger and purer than his first cave. He was now sure that this cave was supplied by the main vein of the great spill. All the other veins must be flowing from the one in the first section.

He was not reserved at all. Like he had done the last time, he took in all the energy in the pond and tarted absorbing straight from the source. It did not take time before he could feel the energy depleting to almost nothing.

All hell broke loose in the great spill.

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