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   Chapter 56 Disciple (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3355

Updated: 2019-11-13 08:23

"Because of this, I am making an exception. I will accept you as my disciple." she said and Ed paused.

"No need to be shocked. You may be just a spirit picking junior, but with me on your side, you may get lucky enough to reach the spirit merging stage." she said calmly.

"I have a master." those words from Ed's mouth were more burning for his ears than for the first elder. A master? He never even took the one he had seriously and this was a should realization grandmaster. Talk more of she who was merely a spirit awareness master.

"You don't think me worthy?" she asked.

"Worthy or not, I cannot have two masters." Ed said.

"Your master, if he truly cares about your well being, would understand why you should not let go of this opportunity." she said.

"When you meet him, you two are welcome to talk it out." Ed said and she frowned.

"What level of cultivation is your master?" she asked.

"Why does it matter?" Ed had no intention of telling her such a thing. There were very

member looking down on anyone." Ed said casually.

"Even though I feel you don't deserve to be master's disciple, you have the guts to reject her? Do you know how many people would beg to....." she started to rant.

"Take me to my cave." Ed said. He was not interested in the stories of her master's value. He could see hot flames in her eyes at his words.

"Or does your master wish to strip me of this privilege for rejecting her offer?" he asked. This caused her anger to rise to a different level.

"You will regret this!" she promised. Ed couldn't care less about this master-disciple duo. He followed her to a cave on the very edge of the first section.

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