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   Chapter 55 Disciple (1)

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Ed had been led by the beautiful looking assistant towards the first section. He had never bee in this part of the great spill before, but then again, he had never been in much of the great spill since his arrival. He looked at the greatly spaced caves.

The first section must be the elite section. The astral energy Ed felt here, was as thick as back in his old cave. Then one could only imagine how thick it would be in these caves.

The assistant glanced back at Ed to see his reaction, but she was disappointed when he did not have any expression at all. She could tell he was only at spirit picking. At this stage, a normal cultivator would be shocked by the purity of the energy in the area. But he was not. Even though she had heard that Ed killed so many people in the battlefield, she did not think him anything great. After all. Those killed were mostly spirit picking and he himself was just a spirit picking junior.

He looked to be no older than twenty five. Still a spirit picking junior at this age, his future was limited. She knew that most on the top ten were all young and had not hit twenty yet. Yet they were at least on the spirit merging stage. Still, they could be seen as the lowest of geniuses. She ha

offered him a seat. Ed sat before her in silence. She too, said not a word.

"Is there a reason you called me?" Ed asked after a while.

"Insolence!" the assistant bellowed at Ed. It is okay if this man was not fazed by master's beauty, but to talk to her that casually? He was asking for death! Ed completely ignored her.

"That's okay, Ntia. You may leave." the first elder said. She calmed her self, before leaving after a bow.

"Ignore her. she is not used to people talking to me casually." the fist elder said, but Ed did not answer.

"You want to know why I called you? Your actions are commendable."

"Is that it?" Ed did not believe she called him here because his actions were commendable.

"Because of this, I am making an exception. I will accept you as my disciple." she said and he paused.

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