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   Chapter 54 The First Time In Ten Years

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3828

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By the end of the second day, space warped and the battlefield was gone. The cultivators inside found themselves where they had been standing before they entered the battlefield. Looking around they noticed that they were much fewer of them. People died in the battlefield, this was normal. But this was the first time this many people had died inside. It was very visible that they were much fewer than when they entered.

The familiar instructor stood before them with a lot of assistants. He looked round the entire group of cultivators and sighed. This time, it was bloody beyond compare. He placed his hand on the slate beside him and everyone tensed.

They gazed upon the slate and could only sigh. When the newcomers came, they created their own factions and some of them opted to be completely alone. Now, the original factions had absorbed them all and the twenty names were back in place.

They looked again. No. there was something different this time.

"Look. There is one more name on the top ten list." someone said and everyone strained their eyes on the name.

"Ed? Who?" many started to wonder.

"Could he be the one th

s to all the caves you have taken. Most of them are in the second section, others are distributed across other sections. If you would please come with me." on of the assistants said and Ed nodded and followed.

Ed could feel the murderous intent following him as he walked away. He did not care about those on the top ten that had been pushed down by him or their anger. He as going to gain as much experience from this place as possible then he would leave.

Many could not keep their eyes off him. They wanted to cram his face in their mind. Ku Nam stared at Ed blank expression and smiled. One could not tell what he was thinking. They too had climbed into top ten.

"There is someone else on the top nine spot!" someone finally noticed.

"A faction?"

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