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   Chapter 53 The Stench Of Death

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4022

Updated: 2019-11-13 08:15

"Good information. But you are still right in front of me." Ed said and they all paled.

Ed did not care about this. He still wanted to fight. As far as he was concern, they were still capable of training him a little. Screams could be heard from far away and blood soaked the dry grounds.

By the time Ed left, one could tell that a fight had taken place. He did not waste time. He knew that a lot of eagle faction members had escaped, most to tell their leader who was not around during his attack, and others to spread news. He was sure that most that escaped beyond his reach did not hear the last words he had spoken to the high ranked members of the eagle faction. They did not know he was just training, neither did they know his next destination.

Still, information about his appearance and his strength would spread fast, making people run at the sight of him this would not do him well if he wanted them to stop and fight.

He made his way in the direction of the night-hound faction. He wasted not time getting there, like he did in the case of the eagle faction. When he arrived, their fate was sealed. Their leader was unlucky enough to be there when he arrived. Before the sun started

lood thirsty person. What ever the reason, he does not care about ranks." Ku Nam said.

"But he did not kill the leader of the eagle faction. I hear that when he heard of the destruction of his faction, he joined the gentle winds faction. They are number two on the list." the other man said.

"Still, that boy has planted a target on his back. The leader of the night-hound faction is the younger brother of one of the top ten. He will be killed soon." Autumn bloom with a scuff.

"You are not powerful at all amongst your peers, autumn bloom, yet you continue to underestimate people." Ku Nam said with a small laugh.

"Are you looking down on me now?" Autumn bloom fumed, but Ku Nam only ruffled her hair.

"No matter what, we are never to clash with him." he said and the others nodded.

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