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   Chapter 52 Bloody eagle (2)

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"A lone cultivator." the junior said and they all paused.

"He is covered from head to toe, no one can see his cultivation mark. But he is strong. He looks as if he is playing with us." he said and they all paused.

"One of the top ten?"

"No sirs, it does not look like any of them." the junior answered.

"You say he is playing with us?" another asked in anger.

"A casual chop of his hand can take off a head, yet he stays and fights every one." the junior said.

"He is making his way here?" one of them asked.

"He has entered the canyon! Run!" some cultivator were seen running away. This caused the high ranked members to pause.

Ed had killed his way inside. He made sure to fight every single person in his way. He did not just walk pass them, he attacked; even if they made way for him to pass. They thought he was here to challenge the high ranked members, but they were wrong. He wanted to fight his way inside. The more he fought, the more experience he got. He had gotten to the level of knowing the right amount of strength to put in a punch that a spirit picking junior could handle. And knew when

He just attacked them, and they were number five on the faction list, but they tell him about a faction on the number eight spot? The speaker understood this and immediately explained, "You are not looking to climb the ranks, you are looking for people to fight. The lower ranks on the faction list have more members than normal. To keep their ranks and be able to face those on the higher ranks, they have about five times our numbers. Just like we have about three time the numbers of most of the higher ranks." Ed nodded at this logic. The speaker was right. He needed more people to fight. If so, those lower ranked factions were the best. Even so.....

"Good information. But, you are still right in front of me." Ed said and they all paled.

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