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   Chapter 51 Bloody eagle (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3535

Updated: 2019-09-08 22:30

Ed made no sound. He immediately turned the person's direction and attacked. The person was too shocked to react as Ed threw a punch. One could hear bones cracking in the person's midsection just before he fell to the ground.

"Too much strength." Ed commented. The other cultivators guarding the area were shocked at how fast things turned. But their shocked cleared into anger. Anger reckless enough to make them come at him together. Just the kind Ed wanted.

"Attacking the eagle faction? You are looking for death!"

"Attack him together!"

Ed was surrounded in seconds. He took out a low grade earth sword and waited for them to attack. They did just so. A wave of spears came in his direction. Waving his sword, he cut them in a half. He turned to the nearest person and grabbed him into the air. He threw him at the second wave of spears, then turned to handle those on ground.

He swiped his sword and one half of the group stepped back. The other half were just enough for now. He swayed away from the incoming axe and threw a punch two sid

"Who dares!" one bald cultivator bellowed.

"Forgive me sirs! We are under attack!" the cultivator announced.

"Who would dare?" one of them seemed completely calm.

"The devil's faction was rumour to be coming our way. They dared?"

"Did their leader really breakthrough into early spirit merging?" one asked.

"That would make him at the same level with our leader." another said.

"They are really bold! A new spirit merging master thinks he can compete with our leader?" another said. The conversation was moving without the lowly junior who had brought the news.

"No, sirs... it was not them." he managed to say.


"A lone cultivator." the junior said and they all paused.

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