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   Chapter 50 Hunting down people

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3187

Updated: 2019-09-08 22:14

"What? You want to go looking for people?" Autumn bloom asked in shock.

"Why?" the other girl asked. She had a much softer voice, a complete opposite of Autumn bloom's screeching voice.

"Oh? You want to find cultivators? Well, I heard that the eagle faction is somewhere south of here." Ku Nam said.

"How strong are they?" Ed asked. He had a good impression of Ku Nam.

"What, are you thinking of joining them?" the other girl asked.

"The eagle faction is fifth strongest. After them is the wild devils faction. Their leaders are both in the spirit merging stages. Last I heard, the eagle faction has ten more spirit merging masters." Ku Nam answered.

"Thank you." Ed said. This was a word he barely used. His disregard for the two girls made them frown. Who did he think he was?

"Unless you wish to join them, it is better you hide till the battles end. That is the only way to survive." one of the other men said. Ed did not acknowledge his words and walked away. They watched him leave with cold looks.

"Who does he think he is?" Autumn bloom asked in anger.

"You must not underestimate people; you may never know who they are." Ku Nam said.

"Who could he possibly be? Can his identity surpass you?" the other girl said.

"Who knows, his goal could be the same as us. After all, we are going to where the heaven's hammer faction is" Ku Nam said with a chuckle.

"We are going to kill them all and take their position on the slate. Are you saying that he has the same intention? Just him alone?" one of the boys scuffed. As far as they were concerned, Ed was

no body. Especially in Autumn bloom's eyes. After all, she had met him outside the battle field and knows that his cultivation is only at spirit picking. This was nothing before her eyes.

"There is something odd about him." Ku Nam said mildly, his eyes looking in the direction Ed just left towards. His words caused the others to scuff.

Ed left them and followed the direction Ku Nam had told him. Thinking about it now, there was something odd about that boy, Ku Nam. Ed had ignored it the first time, when he could not see into his cultivation, but now, he was sure that there was something odd about him.

At the gates of the great spill this boy had invited him to join him. Even though Ed was also not from the demon lands as they were, it was beyond odd for him to invite him to join them. After all, Ed's cultivation was just at the spirit picking stage. There was no way he believed that he was just being nice. He could tell that every single one of the people with him were really powerful.

Their line up was odd. What was their goal he was sure that they would soon take over from one of the group and climb up the slate. But Ed was sure of the feeling he got from them. They were strong.

He ignored this feeling. After all, he couldn't care less why people come to the great spill. After walking for half the day, he understood how big this battle field was. He could have increased his pace, but he was not in a hurry. He wondered when he will finally see Eagle faction members.

"Halt!" he heard someone say and he sighed in relief; Finally, someone to kill.

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