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   Chapter 48 The first round of killing (1)

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"The battle field will soon open. The rules are simple, there are no rules." the instructor said and the space around them warped.

The next moment, Ed found himself in a desolate dry land. He almost laughed at the scene. The great spill rules were vicious. They all appeared in the same place, there was no where for the afraid to run. Those who had been holding in their anger and blood thirst for their enemies in the great spill, suddenly had them right in front of them.

There were no rules.

It was the start of a blood bath. Enemy factions attacked themselves almost instantly. In a full breath of time, ten people had died. It started to dawn on the newcomers; this was not a fight they will survive. Most started to regret being alone. Those who had formed factions paled and dashed to make an escape. They were the prime targets of this battle.

Ed paused to take in his environment. He noticed that his cultivation was suppressed here, just like outside the great spill, in the demon lands. This was good. He could fight on pure physical strength.

A man charged and attacked him. Excitement pulsed through his veins as he turned to receive the man's strike. He manifested a high grade human sword and blocked the incoming axe. This was the time to practise in real time all the foundation sword skills. He spun in the air and kicked the next man coming his way. It was not a powerful kick, but the man had flown back ten meters.

Ed almost nodded at this outcome. Every time a cultivator levels up, his body gets better and stronger. Many do not pay attention to this, but other concentrate on fine tuning their body strength just as much as their cultivation. Ed could finally see how powerful his physical strength has grown in a real fight.

His swordsmanship had grown too. He flipped his sword and attacked the man with the ax

e. The sword connected with the man's axe and the two weapons broke. The man paled. His axe was a low grade earth weapon. How could a high grade human sword break it? Ed understood. He had used too much strength. He did not bother to manifest another sword; he punched out with his bare fist. His fist connected with the man's face and his head mangled into a lump of tattered meat and bones sagging from his neck.

This chilled a lot of people's bones.

"Brother!" a man shouted in shock and attacked Ed. Ed could feel the anger pulsing through the man's veins. His eyes moved quickly, it was as though he could see things with much better detail. Sometimes having your cultivation, makes you forget the skill of your physical bodies. Ed could see his weakness in a second. He swayed out of the way of the coming spear and kicked the man's hip.

The man collapsed to the floor almost immediately. It was as if all the strength in his body disappeared. Ed did not pause for a second. He put more strength into his arm as he sent out a slap. His palm reached the man's cheek and his head spun 180 degrees to the back. The incoming people paused, then made to escape. But it did not matter anymore; Ed did not intend to leave anyone alive. Seeing him attack, most decided to run away faster, other angrily decided to face him together. Ed loved that decision; the more the better.

As he fought, his fighting skills were getting better. He could better predict and understand the movements of the human body as he killed one after the other. Those who had been targeting Ed decided to retreat. Some had completely given up on this idea. Others had not at all.

By the time Ed turned to them, he only saw them retreating. He had taken note of every killing intent before entering the battlefield; there was no way he was going to let them escape.

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