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   Chapter 45 The weapon of choice (1)

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That is why it was so hard to be an inscription master. Because the average cultivator had to wait till he is at the soul awakening stage to start learning.

Of course, Ed understood that there must be exceptions to this rule. There are geniuses out there that can perceive all the energies before they even reach the soul awakening stage. This was very true. There were many cultivators in this world, it was only normal that there would be such people.

Ed was not sure how this worked, or what he could use it for, but he was very interested in inscriptions.

Inscriptions could be used to aid different kinds of cultivators. An inscription could be drawn for almost every martial skill, as long as the inscription master is powerful enough. He could make martial skills stronger and more effective. He was very curious about inscriptions for weapons.

If he could have his weapon inscribed, it could help boost whatever skill he wished to use it for. Ed was not sure yet what kind of cultivator he was. Around this time, a lot of people knew what kind of cultivator they were.

He had used a wooden sword for all his fights; he should probably concentrate on the sword. But the possibility of other weapons fascinated him. With a sigh, he made his mind; a sword. He would not concentrate on other things unless he had the time.

The sword; this was a weapon he was already used to. This was the weapon he used a lot in his world. All the fights he had been through, all the training necessary, he had learnt it all. This was a weapon he could strongly say that he had covered the basics. With such a background and foundation, he should be able to practise higher sword skills with ease. This was his weapon of choice.

He would first have to find a sword first. A sword that could handle his energy was rare as could be. He understood that his energy was a combined form of all the energies flowing in the world. It could corrode things real fast. He was not sure why it could not heal, but it was good at corroding anything it came to contact with.

What kind of material would he used to make a sword? Using a wooden sword in the past meant he had to reduce the energy he passed through it. He was only at a fraction of one percent and it did not last. He wondered, if he uses a regular iron sword, would he be able to raise the percentage to two? What about a high grade human weapon? If he used a heaven grade weapon, would he be able to go up to fifty percent?

He wondered though, was it even necessary to go up to fifty percent? If at that the stage he was in, he could kill a spirit awakening master, then was there even a need? He co

uld not remember how much energy he had used to kill the tribal chief back at the valley, but thinking about the first elder he had fought back in the sand bed, his mind stirred.

He the wooden sword could not cut through the man's shield. He was sure that it had punctured and touched his skin, but it was a small hole. What kind of shield was that? What level was that shield? If he did not have a weapon which he could increase the percentage of energy he uses, he may meet someone with that kind of shield or higher.

He got up and exited his cave. He wished to get as sword. He wondered if the town from before sold such things. Following the same route as he had coming to his cave, he made his way back to the town. Walking around a bit, he felt killing intents directed his way. There were a lot of people around, going about their business, so Ed did not turn. He remembered that fighting was prohibited in the great spill and ignored the killing intent direct his way.

He found a small shop at the edge of the town and entered.

"Welcome!" an attendant said. He looked at the lean man and nodded.

"Oh, a newcomer?" the man asked.

"How do you know?"

"Newcomers don't usually come out to town till their first battle. But it seems that something went wrong in the caves. A lot of them are out about this time." the attendant said.

"What happened in the caves?" Ed frowned.

"Couldn't you tell? I hear that all the energy in a particular section had vanished. The caves lost their energy." the attendant said. Ed knew that there was no energy in his cave. But this was because he had completely absorbed them dry. Was it possible for every one too?


"The council is not saying anything and it seems they will not be giving them new caves. Pity." the attendant said, "what would you like to buy?"

"A sword. Show me your highest grade sword." Ed said and the attendant paused.

"We only have a low grade earth sword. That is our highest."

"How much?" He asked.

"Twenty thousand spirit tokens." Ed was not fazed by this. If the old pervert had done anything right, he had given him ten thousand chests full of spirit stones. Each containing ten thousand spirit stones. Three thousand gold coins was the equivalent of 1 spirit token. One hundred spirit tokens was equivalent to one spirit stone.

"How many do you have?" Ed asked.

"We have ten of these."

"What about human grade swords, how many do you have?"

"About fifty... why...?" the attendant was slightly confused.

"Bring them all" Ed said and the lean man paused.

"What?" he did not seem to understand.

"I will buy them all." Ed said.

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