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   Chapter 42 Loosing an energy vein (1)

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Ed walked into the cultivation cave and paused. The door closed behind him, leaving him inside a still surrounding. The cave was not much of a cave. It was more like a house. The walls of the room glowed a faint pink. Inside was a sitting area and deeper, one could find a bedroom. The bed glowed a faint pink. Ed had only seen this done once. When his adopted father took out his jade coffin and handed to Lu Guan, the coffin opened to reveal a bed glowing jade green. Though this one before him glowed pale pink, it still gave him that feeling. Inside the bed room is a small pond.

The entire cave was filled with dense astral energy; the bedroom more than the sitting room. But this pond, Ed could feel thick astral energy from it. He put his hand into the water and confirmed his thought; this was very precious astral water. Where did it come from? Did all cultivation caves have this?

He sat down in on the floor of the bedroom in lotus fashion and started to absorb the energy in the cave. His body was like a black hole, sucking in all the energy in the cave, but the energy seemed to be ever flowing. After two days of direct contemplation, he stopped for a while. This energy that seemed to never stop; if he could increase his absorption rate, wouldn't it be good?

He took out the jade slip the Tie Nse had given to him and looked into it again. This was the special contemplation technique that the old pervert suspected would be the best for him. The scene inside was the same as before. He was not sure what to do. Other contemplation techniques, he would fuse it into this sea of consciousness and his absorption rate would increase.

He tried to step out of the technique and into his sea of consciousness as would usually be done, but he instead, stepped out back into his bedroom. He decided to step into his sea of consciousness first, this time and open the contemplation technique from there.

Pain like never before tore through his skull, the point between his two brows hurt so much, he felt as though it was tearing open. In panic, he stepped out of his sea of consciousness in a hurry.

In his bedroom, he had collapsed to the floor, panting and coughing blood.

This was a

heaven grade contemplation technique. He understood how crazy his constitution ranked in the cultivation world, but he would have looked down on the heavens if he could actually use this technique at his stage.

Of course, he had thought too soon. He tried to calm his breath. He took out a healing pill from his spatial ring and swallowed. He was not sure what kind of pill this was, but it helped his body calm down. After he had calmed down, he split contemplated as he healed. The energy he absorbed helped him heal faster. In a day, he was completely healed.

Looking at the jade slip, he was too stubborn to not try again. After all, there was no need to look for outside help. He was the only one who could even see inside the jade slip. It was impossible for anyone to teach him how to use this contemplation technique.

He calmed his breath and returned into the jade slip. As the scene repeated itself, Ed tried to absorb energy while still inside the jade slip. A gush of astral energy rushed into him like a raging storm. For a second he was overwhelmed. One would think he would be happy about this, but Ed could not help but be reminded of his previous thoughts about looking down on the heavens and sighed. At this rate, he may completely disregard them; the heavens honestly cannot afford him looking down on them any more than he did now.

Taking in a deep breath, he absorbed rotated his sea of consciousness, making it into a vortex, sucking in every strand of astral energy. As this happened, he found himself sinking deeper into this contemplative state. He could feel the astral energy in the room depleting so quickly, and could not replenish at the same rate as he absorbed. Soon, before three breaths of time, there energy in the entire cave had been absorbed.

From inside his contemplation, Ed could feel a strand of energy trying to fill up the room. He guessed that this must be the source from which all the energy in the cave was replenished from. He stretched out his hand in the direction of the strands and his hand touched water.

The pond! This must be it. Understanding this, Ed began absorbing once more; this time, directly from the pond. All hell broke loose.

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