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   Chapter 40 Factions in the great spill (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 2596

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"Hey, I'm Ku Nam." a boy walked over to Ed and said. Beside him was a girl. She glanced at Ed for only a moment and took in his attire. Ed was never one to wear expensive clothes; he just always made sure his clothes were clean and neat. He could tell this girl was looking down on him.

"This is autumn bloom." the boy introduced the girl.


"I can see you are like us, not from the demon lands. How about we team up and form our own group?" the boy smiled amiably.

"Sorry, I don't wish to be part of any group." Ed said.

"I told you not to bother with him. What can he even contribute?" autumn bloom said haughtily. Ed did not mind her words, as long as they left him alone.

"It is better to stay as a group. That way, we can defend our resources." the boy tried to convince Ed.

"I still wish to be alone." Ed said and walked away.

"When he is in trouble, he will come running." Autumn bloom sneered at his leaving back.

Ed wasted no time. He walked over to the slate and wrote his name. The registration slip he had been given before he had arrived this world glowed. Ed stared at it as it edged unto his arm. He saw the writing that appeared a few seconds later.


Early spirit picking


0 wins 0 losses

1 cultivation cave.

The giants lau

ghed inwardly at the newcomers.

"It's always like this every year." one said to the other in a sound transmission.

"How many do you think will last?" the other said.

"After the coming monthly match, there will be twenty names on the slate again."

"Who knows, there may be some hidden dragons in the mix this year."

"As if." the other snorted.

"The factions love those that don't join them, than those that do. They are more useful to them." the other said.

"There will be some hidden dragons this time. Do you dare to bet?"

"Of course. After the first month battle, there will only be twenty names on the slate."

"I bet that there will be additional names." this words made the other sigh.

"You make this bet every year."

Ed turned an entered through the gate. On the other side, was a bright dry world. He directly found him self in the middle of a town.

"Newcomer, come with me to your assigned cultivation cave." a person walked up to Ed and said respectfully.

"How do you know I chose to be alone?" Ed frowned.

"No one that wishes to be part of a group walks alone. But, you should consider joining a group. That is the only way you will be safe here." the person said.

"Lead the way." Ed said and the person sighed. It was like this every year.

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