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   Chapter 38 Entering the great spill

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4237

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Ed had kept a low profile the past few days. He only ordered food to his room and sat in wait. Today was the day he will enter the great spill. He prepared all that he needed into his spatial ring. He expected that he would be there a while.

Stepping out of his room and went down to the restaurant. He could feel the excitement in the air from those who sat around. Many were young masters of their clans hoping to enter the great spill to gain experience. He ignored them and stepped out of the inn. The atmosphere outside said it all. It was an important day.

He followed the many of the young masters till he stood at a large arena.

"Those who wish to enter the great spill, come this way!" he saw that young elites and martial aspirants had formed a line. In front was a man handling registrations. Ed walked over and joined the line. Many were anxious and excited so, they did not look too much to those beside them.

Ed waited till it was his turn.

"Show me your registration slip!" the man barked.

"Don't have any." Ed answered.

"Fifty spirit stones." Ed was prepared for this answer and handed fifty spirit stone to the man. The man handed him a token and Ed passed to the other side. Those that had done their registration were standing on a platform under the gaze of the audience. The audience were mainly family members and clan elders watching to support their young elites.

After a while, three entourages made their entrance. Ed could tell that they were the powers of the south side city. A man from one of the entourages stood up.

"You are the future elites do the south side city. The great spill is an opportunity to not only raise your cultivation, but to horn your skills. Use this wisely." he said and Ed could see the young elites take in a deep breath, anticipation coursing through their veins.

He understood that they waited for to enter this place, but he did not understand their anticipation. What was it about this land that was beyond cultivation? He could tell they were slightly nervous.

The man looked round them for a moment, and then nodded to two m

en behind him. The two men stepped forward and swiped inscriptions out of thin air. The air seemed to burn as the symbols glowed bright red. The men merged their two symbols and a tear could be heard ripping through the air. Immediately, an empty hole appeared before those on the platform.

"Step in." the man said and some hesitated for a second, before entering. Ed waited for his turn. Just before he entered, he felt a heavy killing intent directed his way. His perception and soul force was stronger than many in the soul seeking stage, he could pin point exactly where it came from. He turned and stared into the cold eyes of an elderly man. This man looked familiar, but Ed was sure he had not met him before. Without much of a thought, he stepped through to the other side.

Ancestor Ah had been searching for the little brat that had killed his son. He was sure that when he killed the boy, those cowards in his clan would beg him to return. They risked losing their status just to not anger this boy. Just a bunch of cowards.

He had arrived at the gathering for those young elites entering the great spill, with not much of an expectation. But when he arrived, he felt the blood link from the life token he had given his son. This life token was inscribed with his blood. This would help his son summon him if in danger.

His son never had the chance to use the token, after all, he had felt no summon. As his son was now dead, there was only one person that could be in possession of this; his killer.

He trained his eyes at the form of a young boy no older than twenty five. The need to tear his skin and spill his blood filled his mind. He had only found this boy in a second, and the next, he was staring into the blank eyes of the boy. This caused him to pause. Did this boy find him from his heavy killing intent? Sure he had not hidden it, but how could he find him that fast?

By the time he had come back from his shock, the boy was gone. He had entered the great spill. Fine, he will have to come out one day. On that day, he will pay for his sins of killing his son and grandson.

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