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   Chapter 34 How to offend people (2)

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Tie Nse's appearance changed to that of a man no older than thirty. Old Iba not only changed his appearance, he made sure to add some weight to his midsection, making him look sturdy, a good compliment to his now bald head. Even though they had changed their appearance, they still wore a mask. What kind of thief came with his face exposed? If they did not, it would be clear that they were just pretending to be thieves.

"Let's go." Tie Nse said in his new voice and they both disappeared.

They reappeared just outside the hammer city at the hammer gate fort. Before them were large dark walls imposing upon the eyes of those who looked.

"We must make this out as an attack on the gate; to deter suspicion." Old Iba said.

"Hm... I've always thought that Gate Lady Fulren was disgusting to look at." Tie Nse said.

"That son of hers has peculiar tastes in women. He likes them innocent and untouched. That way, he can use them to cultivate erotic qi." Old Iba said.

"No... I mean, that she is really disgusting. But if that's how you want to play with this, ...she has always turned a blind eye to her son's behaviour. We might as well be those coming to kill her son for revenge." Tie Nse said.

"Good. She has a lot of enemies, so this attack is only natural. Let's go." Old Iba said and they both vanished. They reappeared in plain sight just on the other side of the dark walls.

"Halt!" their sudden appearance caused the guards and disciples passing by to go on alert. Without a word, they rotated they exploded in a burst of energy and attacked. They were careful to restrict their cultivation.

Tie Nse turned and swung a fist at the wall. With a punch the wall shook and cracked. Tie Nse sighed. If he was serious about this, he could take down this wall. But there are only a few people in the entire world who could do this, it would be suspicious if he did.

But the vibration rung through the entire hammer hate fort and was heard all the way to the hammer city. This caught their attention. They started the killing spree. Old Iba swung a palm and several guards and disciples turned into a pool of blood.

They attacked the fort with full force. As they passed, they kicked and punched, bringing down buildings. The entire fort erupted into chaos. Without anyone capable of stopping

them, they made their way to the centre of the fort.

"Call the elders!" they could hear a lot of the disciples start to shout. It had finally dawned on them that they were not the two invaders' match.

Tie Nse was hoping the elders came, but the immediate people before them were core disciples.

"Who are you? State your purpose!" their leader asked.

"Where is Gul Fulren?" Tie Nse asked.

"I am Gul Fulren." the leader said and Tie Nse and Old Iba grimaced. This was bad. This boy was right before them. If they killed him here, there would be no purpose for them to keep advancing into the fort. Their back story would be busted.

"You will die today." Tie Nse said and attacked the nearest disciples. He took out a sword from his spatial ring and swung. A tear rang through the air as he sprung into to the crowd of disciples. His energy trailed after the sword as it moved at incomprehensible speed.

That one swing had taken off ten heads as it passed. It had the desired effect they wished for. Gul Fulren paled.

"Sung Sung! You again! Did you think that you covered your face I would not recognize you? That sword move is identifiable to you! Let's see if you if you will leave this place alive!" Gul Fulren sneered before he quickly retreated deeper into the fort.

His words caused Tie Nse and old Iba to pause. Tie Nse had just casually used a sword because he knew that was his worst skill. He had just done a casual swing and had implicated someone else in the process. This did not deter them, as they entered the deeper into the fort after Gul Furen.

They were sure to destroy as much buildings as they passed on the way. This slowed down their pace, allowing Gul Fulren to run father into the fort. When they saw that he had gotten to the gate tower, Old Iba suddenly vanished and appeared right by the fleeing Gul Fulren and grabbed him in mid run. He threw Gul Fulren effortlessly at the tower.

Gul Fulren felt as his body was grabbed and thrown, so he activated the armour under his clothes. Before he knew it, he had crashed through the walls of the gate tower. His armour saved him from getting killed, but his entire body was broken. He could not even stand up. He vomited blood and stared at the form of the two immediately appeared before him. Was this really Sung Sung?

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