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   Chapter 32 The south side city

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6233

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"The demon lands are large but actually consist of three cities. The west side city, the east side and the south side. Each side has a city. There is a north side, but it is not classified a power. All three powers share the north side. There are basically training grounds for the younger generation. There is a north side council consisting of the city lords from the three cities. This is the south side city. There are two powers here. The Ah clan and the Fien clan. Both have a peak spirit awakening master. Apart from them, there is the city lord, who is an early stage soul seeking master. The city is letting people enter a large energy spill called the great spill in two days. To enter, you must pay fifty spirit stones for outsiders. I think that is all in a nut shell." the man said. Ed thanked him and left.

Ed made his way to a nearby inn to find a place to eat and rest. He was very interested in this energy spill, but he also wanted to take a look at the map of the demon lands and find the hell tree. Something that important to the demon lands will be on a map. He did not ask the store attendant because he did not want people knowing his goal.

He walked into an inn and bought a room. The old pervert had at least given him spirit stones so, he was not too worried about money to pay for things like a room and food. He received the key from the careless innkeeper, who did not spare Ed a glance.

Ed took a seat and a little boy came to his side.

"What would you like sir?" the boy asked.

"A bowl of rice with some of your best side dishes." Ed said.

"Would you like an energy infused dish?" the boy asked.

"Spirit infused?" Ed asked.

"Yes. It is made with high grade ingredients. The chef makes sure to retain the energy in the ingredients while cooking."

"I will try it." Ed answered and the boy left.

As he waited for his food, Ed picked up on some conversation from those sitting behind him.

"What nonsense are you sprouting?!" one of the men exclaimed, inviting the attention of those around.

"The Ah clan just became the second top power in the city. Why would they disown Ah Dise? Is he not their ancestor? His breakthrough in cultivation is what raised them to a top power!" the other exclaimed.

"You don't even now half of it. I hear that their clan leader who was at early spirit awareness and his son, who was the genius of their clan got killed." the other said. Many in the inn were listening in, even though it looked like they were not. It was not news that the Ah clan head had died, but the son too?

"You would think they would treasure Ah Dise at time like this, but they threw him away. You will never guess why?" the man was excited to share juicy news.

"You know that my brother works at the city lord's palace, right?" he asked and the other nodded.

"He said that Ah Dise came to join the city lord. The city lord sent him away saying he does not want trouble."

"Why? A power like Ah Dise would be a great addition to any power."

"But no power in the city has the mind to accept him. I heard that he wants to kill the p

erson that killed his son and grandson, but no one wants to be associated with him."

"It is only natural that a man avenges his family. Who is this person? Even the city lord does not want to get involved?"

"Haha! I heard he is a spirit picking junior." the man said and everyone in the inn paused. After all, they were all listening in secret.

"You must not say I am the one who told you this, but there is more to the story." the man said and his companion nodded. Ed could not hold back his sigh. Is this how you tell someone a secret? These men, it is clear they are deliberately spreading the news. Why would they act as though everyone could not hear them? Was this still considered a secret?

"I hear that young master Ah Didia was exploring the salt bed when he encountered a spirit picking sapling. He must have wanted to kill the sapling but was killed instead. Not just him, but those from the Tze sect that were with him. Only young master Ah Fude escaped and came to tell the story. The clan head rushed there to kill the boy with two elders. Word is that the boy was able to kill the clan head and wound one of the elders. The elder later died even after so many healers came to his aid." Ed felt as though this story was too coincidental with his battle in the salt bed. Was it the Ah clan head that he had killed? He sighed inwardly. He had not even step foot in the demon lands and he was already the centre of attention. He was happy that he had not told them his name. This would have been bad.

"A spirit piking sapling? Do you think I am stupid? How can a spirit picking sapling do this?" his companion asked in disbelief.

"I heard he is some treasure child of some great power outside. He was sent to gain fighting experience." the other man answered.

"So? So what? Are the outside sects looking down on us? They think that there is no one that can fight their little sapling?" someone from another table who had been listening finally spoke. His words caused others to nodded their heads.

Ed was very glad he had not given his name. As much as he was here to fight and gain experience, he would not have been able to move around freely and accomplish much with this many enemies. His food arrived and he quietly ate, ignoring the conversations that had broken out from al sides. He must level up fast! He thought to himself. After eating, he paid and went up to his room. He just had to wait till he could enter the large spill with everyone in a few days. He just needed to stay quietly.

He knew his own strength. In truth, he understood that he was weak. His advantage was the multiple energies he cultivates. This makes him at least four times stronger than those in his realm. To his knowledge, the energies should allow him to be able to cultivate basically any kind of skill. If he could learn a heaven grade skill, that would be a great power boost for him. As he is going, he is bound to offend people and he must have a way to defend himself. Using his energy directly is something he would only use when he cannot win in a fight. It was his hidden weapon.

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