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   Chapter 30 We Will Not Pursue This

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Fire! No, age! No, knives?

The clan head felt his qi points sliced up and die off faster than he could scream. A strange energy tore through his body, and every qi cell started to rot at lightning speed. His eyes turned blank and he crumbled to the ground. Regret did not even get the chance to surface from his heart.

The elder and Ah Fude paled. They did not understand what they had just seen. They looked at their clan head and the other elder unconscious under rocks. The elder could not feel the clan head's life qi, but he was sure that the other elder was still alive. This was a bad situation. How can they go back like this? Who would he say killed the clan head and wounded the second elder?

Ed sighed. He was really bad at fighting. The prospect of a good fight always excited him, but it never happened. He understood what Tie Nse was talking about. These people were at spirit merging and spirit awareness that is why he could fight them. In a true fight, he may kill his opponent, but he would lose. His energy which was a combination of all the energies was his greatest asset, but was it any good. He would just be good at killing. He had no idea how to really fight.

He had to be in a life and death situation for his skills to develop. In the demon lands, he would have not energy. It will be a fight of brute strength. There, his fighting skills can be horned. When he learns how to truly fight he may be able to kill people above the soul seeking stage, because he would have the skill to be able to go close enough to kill them. At this stage, he was only able to kill those no higher than the spirit awareness. This is only possible because of the pace shifting technique. He wanted to know how to really fight. His anticipation for the demon lands was high.

He turned to the remaining two who paled further as they noticed his attention.

"I do not wish to fight you." the elder said and Ed paused.

"And if I'm right, you cannot truly fight either. Your movements are very simple and inexperienced. You must have a technique with you that can kill someone higher than you." the elder said and Ed frowned. This man was very perceptive.

"My guess is that you are really at the spirit picking stage and your sect sent you to the demon lands where energies don't work to gain experience, so that you can truly learn how to fight without the help of that skill." Ed's frown remained. The elder's guess was spot on.

"If you could have such a skill, this means you are some treasure child of a great sect. I have no intention to fight you. Even if I win, your sect will come for my head." Ed gave the elder a complicated look. He may not be from a big sect, but that old pervert was still the head of the heaven alliance. He was not sure how far the heaven alliances' influence and strength goes, but it must be great because the old pervert is really strong. Still, he did not believe for one moment that if he died, the old pervert would come and avenge him.

"Let me take my clan head's body and the unconscious elder and leave and we will not pursue this matter." the elder said and Ed looked at him oddly.

"If what you assume about me if correct then, does it matter if you pursue it or not?" Ed asked.

"Even if you are some treasure child, you are still alone in the demon Lands. If my clan wishes it, we could still kill you and await the consequ

ences. You are still a junior, give us some face and let me take them and leave." the elder warned coldly.

Ed knew what he said was correct. If he did not let them go, their pride would be hurt and they could go mad and damn the consequences. The last thing he needed was some clan hunting him. Though, some part of him wondered if it would make for a good experience to face such danger.

The thought passed through his head for a second. Was he mad? Had staying in this word so long made him go mad? He was now looking for more danger? He nodded to the man to take them away.

As the man picked up the dead clan head, Ah Fude freed the elder from under the rubble and carried him on his back. It dawned on Ed that they were just leaving the salt bed without waiting for the period of time when the door opened from the salt bed to the demon lands. Now that he thought about it, they just came into the salt bed when they wished. Did this mean that most powers in the demon land had this ability?

The elder nodded to Ed once and they disappear. Ed nodded at the scene. So it is a teleportation key. Just like the old pervert said that he and other powers have keys to the Baju valley. They can just go and come as they like.

The elder and Ah Fude appeared in their clan, clean. Clean as in, both those dead and alive had no blood or open wound. This was a shame. If one saw them, they would not even know they had just escaped with their lives.

"First elder, who is...." a guard asked before a maid screamed. He knew she must have recognised the clan head.

"Inform the elders, the clan head is dead." he said and the guard stood frozen.

"What are you waiting for?!" he bellowed, waking the guard from his trance. The guard rushed away and he made his way to the clan head's court yard. He entered a room and placed the clan head down. Ah Fude did the same and placed the unconscious elder in one of the rooms. He returned to see the elder staring at the clan head's dead form solemnly.

On the other side of the clan, in the reception hall, celebrations were taking place. Inside sat an elderly man on he host seat and elders of the clan flanking his sides. The geniuses of the clan were present, so were guest from other clans who came to congratulate the clan ancestor for coming out of seclusion. He had successfully broken through to the peak of spirit awareness stage. This made him the second peak spirit awareness master in the entire city. This was an honour. Those who were at the same level as hey were before came to show god will and the other clan who had the other peak spirit awareness master came to congratulate them.

The feast was in full swing when a guard barged in. Ancestor Ah frowned as he looked at the guard.

"Insolence! How dare you barge in?" he bellowed. If he was outside the demon realm, he would be able to release his new aura on this guard for the entire crowd to see. But he could not. The only thing that was beneficial about growing in cultivation in the demon lands, was the increase in physical strength.

The guard fell to the floor and knelt.

"Ancestor!" he cried, causing everyone to frown. The ancestor wondered if this guard had felt his now great presence to fall with just one look from him. He smiled, very pleased with the guard's performance.

"Clan head... clan head has died!" the guard cried and the hall paused.

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