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   Chapter 29 Fighting His Way Out (2)

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"Then you should have given him your head!" the large man said. Ed circulated the energy in his core and took out a wooden sword. With a stance, he looked at the group before him.

"Come." he said.

The elders and the large man had complicated looks on their faces. He intends to fight his way out of this? A spirit picking baby was challenging them like this? If any of their enemies saw this, would they even have any face left?

Ah Fude at first felt glee over Ed's situation and his impending doom, but looking at the situation, he felt a sense of deja-vu. A tiny speck of fear crept into his heart for a second. This surprised him. What was he afraid of? This boy would be killed by their clan head instantly.

One of the elders moved immediately, not waiting for instructions and appeared before Ed in a second. He slapped towards Ed in one motion. This sent shock waves through the air, as a loud crack tore through one's ears.

Ed was already prepared for his actions. He rotated the shifting space technique. His form warped and the elder's slap missed him. Ed was standing behind him just as the slap missed. He swung his wooden sword coated with his energy and the elder immediately felt a sense of danger. He turned abruptly, but Ed expanded the second level of shifting space to the elders turn. His speed slowed down dramatically.

Seeing his movement stalled, the elder paled. That wooden sword was dangerous and should not touch him! He circulated his qi and activated a shield under his clothes. A crackle of lightening sprung up in between Ed's sword and his back. The wooded sword could not cut through the shield, but bent the shield enough to still connect with the elders back. The elder was thrown away into the rock wall, causing it to crumble.

Those watching paled. Who was this boy? The large man was cautious, because he knew of the elders powers, but he still rationalized what he saw. This boy may know some moves, but he cannot take a direct hit from the elder. If he did, he would be squashed into a puddle of blood. All he needed to do was be careful of his speed.

The other elder paused. His thoughts were right. This boy is surely a treasure child of some great power. Is it safe to hurt him? Would the clan survive this? They had found out about young master Didia's death through Ah Fude, but they would have still found out eventually. The young master had a life stone in the ancestral hall. If they a third rate power inside the demon lands could have it, what could be said about those great powers outside the demon lands? If they kill this boy, would their clan survive it? He looked at the clan head and sighed. The clan head was too angry to think straight.

He relayed his thought to the clan head.

"So, you say I should let my son's death go un-avenged?" the clan head scolded within their telepathic communication.

"You must think of the clan first." the elder protested.

Ed sighed at the outcome of his fi

ght. He needed a sword. These wooden training swords were not enough. If he used too much of his energy, the wooden sword would crumble into dust. He needed a steel sword. It may not be enough for him to use a lot of his energy, but it should be enough to increase by a little. He turned to the large man, the other elder and the pale faced boy at the corner.

"Do you have a sword you can borrow me?" Ed asked and they paused. They saw his wooden sword turn to dust, Even though they did not understand why. But, what kind of situation was this? Were they supposed to give him a sword to used and fight them? Was this a revenge battle or a spar?

The clan head could no more care about what the elder had warned. This boy was looking down on them.

"I know it's odd, but I really need one right now." Ed said and the clan head turned red in rage.

"You newborn! You seek death!" the clan head bellowed and attacked. He was faster than the elder and Ed could feel that he was much stronger. The two elders were at least on the spirit merging stage and the clan head was surely on the spirit awakening stage. It was weird that Ed could see this, but he just had a feeling. He could see people's cultivation through their energies. Though he had not met many people to know the correct range of his sight, he knows of all the stage, and compared them to his adopted father, the tribe chiefs in the valley, old pervert and Madam Ge, who he had seen before.

He knew for sure that these people were relatively weaker than any of those mentioned above. He could not use his sword, but he could use his hands. Rotating the shifting space technique, he appeared before the incoming clan head and threw a punch. The clan head looked at the incoming fist and snorted. He looked at it like the fist of a little child and threw out a palm to block it.

Ed was not stupid. There was no way he could punch a spirit awareness master with the strength of a spirit picking junior. The physical strength of each cultivation levels was different. Even if he had been creating miracles since he entered this world, he was not stupid enough to do that without knowing the true extent of his strength.

But, the clan head's reaction was what he was hoping for. He did not take Ed seriously at all, an decided to block with his bare palm. Ed circulated his energy and prepared for that second when he would touch the clan head's skin. He knew that his fist was heading for a wall, so he reduced the strength of the fist. The clan head noticed this, but Ed was already too close. The next second, Ed's fist with feather like strength touched the clan head's palm.

Fire? No, age! No, knives?

The clan head felt his qi points sliced up and die off faster than he could scream. A strange energy tore through his body, and every qi cell started to rot at lightning speed. His eyes turned blank and he crumbled to the ground. Regret did not even get the chance to surface from his heart.

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