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   Chapter 28 Fighting His Way Out (1)

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Oh, so that's what really happened. When he had seen her move, he thought it looked like the blink technique, but now discovered it was not. The blink technique is also a spatial technique. But this was an ability every soul awakening master had. It was part of entering the soul awakening stage. The ability to move through space. Just like the soul realisation masters could fly when they reached that stage.

This technique was even more attractive to him than blink. This was a technique for spatial masters. They did beyond travelling through space and getting to somewhere faster than a blink. The spatial cultivators were able to bend and stretch space. They had actual control over it so much that they could increase the distance of those pursuing them, making a 10 kilometres distance 1000 kilometres, keeping them running longer.

Looking into the jade slip, he immersed himself in this technique. He was now very serious about becoming a spatial cultivator. With this, his speed would be greatly increased and by so doing, his swordsmanship. The faster he is, the better his sword would move. He took time and practised till content. He mastered the fourth level of the skill after one day. This took longer than the sword skill, but he though it worth it. By the second day, he had practised both skills so many times; he was itching for a fight. And as if on cue, a fight came.

"Is this him?" he heard someone say. Ed knew this person was much more powerful than him, because he did not feel him arrive. The large man was accompanied by two older men and a boy. Ed recognised the boy. He was the one that had escaped.

"Yes." the boy nodded. Ed noticed he looked weaker than he had left him.

"Good! If you were not stupid enough to take Didia's ring with

you, I would not have been able to find you." the large man looked at Ed as though he wanted nothing more than to cut him up in the worst way possible.

"Who are you?" Ed asked.

"Who am I? Good! When you killed my son, did you wonder who I am?" the man released a mountain of pressure on Ed, who stood and looked at him with blank eyes. When the man saw that Ed was unaffected, he nodded his head.

"You should at least have some substance to be able to kill my son." one could not tell if he was complimenting Ed or not.

"I know that boy behind you, so I am assuming your son is one of those I killed back in the cave." Ed said.

"Insolence! This wild child does not even care to repent!" one of the elders said, releasing a mountain of pressure on Ed, who did not feel it at all. This surprised them. Who was this child? Did he have some treasure on him to be able to do this? Greed crossed their eyes.

"Hand over the Etheric fruit." one of the Elders said.

"I have absorbed them all." Ed said, pointing at the now black fruit on the ground. All of them? How long ago did he get them, to have absorbed all by now?

"It doesn't matter. We will take it from your dead body." one of the elders said.

The other elder was quite solemn. This boy before him did not seem at all scared. He had stared right at them and was able to take on their combined pressure. This boy that looked no older than twenty five was not simple. It is possible he was a great sect's treasure child. This may not end well.

"Your son and his team wanted to kill me." Ed said.

"Then you should have given him your head!" the large man said. Ed circulated the energy in his core and took out a wooden sword. With a stance, he looked at the group before him.

"Come." he said.

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