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   Chapter 23 Etheric fruits (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6323

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"Idiot! Die then." Meryl said, watching Ed leave.

"Let's go." the captain said turning to follow Ed.

"Captain what are you doing?" the vice captain asked.

"This was too simple. If I'm right, we are really walking into a trap like he said." the captain answered.

"Captain, who are you going to believe, him or me?" Meryl asked indignantly.

"How can you tell if this is not an illusion? If it is, you are in it too. If it isn't, he is in the illusion. His perception is higher than even you, talk more of all of us here. We would walk into burning fire without knowing. Which do you think is more likely? We have superior capabilities with illusions or he does?" the captain asked. They all seemed to see his point.

They had head that Ed broke Meryl's enchanted eyes. If this was so, then the odds are they are walking into a trap.

"So, are you also classifying me in this 'we' you are talking about?" Meryl's eyes darkened.

"Meryl, do as I say! You are just angry about the possibility that he is right." the captain ordered and followed Ed with his men. Her expression turned vicious as she followed behind them.

By the time they had gotten to Ed, he was deep inside the 'water'. By the time they were neck in, they started to question this. Was this truly an illusion? Were they just following this man to die?

Meryl predicted that they would turn back after staying under the water a while. She was following slowly behind them, most of her body was still out of the water.

The group were about to be completely submerged when Ed said, "It's an illusion. But I don't think it means you can't die in it. There is no water. You better believe it; it's better safe than sorry." Ed said entering the water completely. His words caused the group to tense, before they followed him. Meryl smirked at the turn of events. If they die, she would take the treasure all for herself. This was a good ending, she thought.

The others first felt water threaten to enter their lungs. Ed breathed in as though there was no water after all, he could not even see the water they saw. It took a while, before the other's eyes cleared after struggling for a while. They found themselves standing on a bridge. They looked at where they were standing before, saw water and paled. If not for this boy, they would have died. They frowned when they noticed Meryl had returned to the water with smirk.

They tried calling to her, but the captain stopped them.

"This is a game a of luck. We brought her to help us through the illusions, yet she falls to one, what is the use of keeping her with us?" The captain said, but then, Meryl stopped half way into the water as though confused then returned to where Ed had 'drowned and dived in.

To her, she was diving in, to them, she was jumping flat on her tummy, on the bridge. She got up in a daze. When she saw them looking at her, she paled. It seems Ed was right. Many may not have understood the logic of what she just did, but Ed did. She had heard them talking. A look at her expression and you could tell. Though she shook it off moments later, he could tell she was now guarded against the


The captain did not spare her much of a glance as he turned and they continued their journey. They did not bother to thank Ed either, which did not bother him.

She walked beside Ed silently till they stood at the mouth of a cave. The captain took the lead and walked in. as Ed stepped into the cave, a wave of Etheric energy hit him. Whatever these people were here for, he now wanted it.

With a solemn look, he followed quietly. When just when he was looking around for where the energy came from, Meryl touched his arm and her mind touched his. What was this? He frowned. Why was she... he was confused for a second before he saw her gesture to the backs of the others. He now understood. She did not what them to hear her. But why try connecting with his mind? Talking with the mind? Why was he surprised? Since he came to this world, he had adjusted his mind to the possibility of anything. He let down his guard and heard her voice loud and clear in his head.

"Why did you do that?" she asked."Do what?"

"You could have used that opportunity to let them die. I was right beside you. If we both left the group and they died, the treasure would have been ours." she said.

"Even when I announced my thoughts, you thought it wrong, then you say you would have believed me?" he asked. He understood why this mattered to her now. She had finally discovered that she was not really part of the group and could be disposed any day.

"Well, now, we must work together if we want to get out of here." she said.

"Why? You finally discovered that they can get rid of you just as you wanted to join and get rid of me?" she asked. So he knew....She had thought that he would scuff at her, but even in his mind, his voice was calm and uncaring. Did this man ever fear?

"Well, we are in the same shoes now. It is better that we work together." she said. She did not receive a reply from Ed so she looked his way. He but glanced at her and looked away. This caused her heart to sink.

"If it's two of us, we will have a better chance of surviving." she said but received the same silence. This time, she noticed that it was not only Ed that was silent, it was the entire crew.

"I thought it would at least be guarded but it is not. It's beautiful." one of the group members said. This drew her attention to where they were all looking. It was a tree beaming with fruits. She could already tell from her distance that these fruits were full of energy. Greed set root in her mind.

"Of course it's guarded. The information said that the Tunsen Bird guards this tomb." the captain said.

"That is why we timed it right, idiot. The information also said it will be out to hunt at this time, so work fast. Take everything." the captain instructed and they and started working. Ed and Meryl stood by the side; they were supposed to watch for those entering the cave.

"Captain, isn't this also rumoured to be a soul realisation master's tomb?" the vice captain asked, "Why don't we also try our luck with that?"

"Oh? The gold bird mercenary. You even believe in children's tales?" a singsong voice said, causing every body to pause.

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