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   Chapter 22 Demon Lands (8)

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Even though he had fought before, that was at the foundation level and he was sure how much strength he had now compare to others. All those he had fought before were on spirit picking below, so he should be able to beat those in his level easily. Since he could beat those at spirit picking when he was at foundation level, he should be able to beat those at spirit awakening while at spirit picking. But he was not sure just how different each of the levels was. He would only know when he fights. At least before he enters the demon lands and his cultivation is sealed, he should know what he is capable of.

Meryl was shocked by how calm Ed was sitting there. Even though she knew that these wagons were specially built to take this storm, she was still scared that something would go wrong. Seeing Ed sitting so calmly, she wondered what the basis of his courage was. He did not know about the special wagons, so why wasn't he scared. Now that she thought about it, he just appeared out of nowhere. Was he from some great clan?

She knew that some clans and sects outside send their disciples to the demon lands to train, was he one of those young masters? She thought about it for a while, then snorted. Even if, so what? His clan is so far away, even if he dies, it would be because he is not strong enough.

Soon, the shaking and rattling stopped and all everyone started to come down. He looked round at the confused faces of some of the travellers.

"Calm down, calm down. Let me find out where we are." the captain said trying to calm down the travellers. He called out to his vice captain. Ed had seen him around. He was a round man with a scar across his face. The two looked round the environment that seemed like a stone forest. The grounds were dry and white sand filled the grounds. Tall stones stood, blocking a clear view.

Looking at the captain and his vice call up a crew to look round, and the confused expression on their faces, Ed almost bought it. For a second, the righteous side of him, the side that was still a prince from his world, felt pity for the ordinary travellers who thought they had just hitched a ride to the demon lands. Though they were all martial artists there, most were in foundation level and others at spirit picking, like him. If he had not been considered of some use, they would not have informed him of their plan.

Still, was it even much of a plan? They basically told him they were searching for something but did not say what.

Meryl glanced at him for a second and nodded for him to follow. She led him over to where the captain was standing.

"We will make camp here. All of you need to stay put while we go out and get our bearings. Don't wander around alone. Ger, you are in charge while I'm gone." the captain said and a skinny youth nodded. Ed sighed. How could those left behind not notice that there was something wrong? He leaves a bunch on low level martial artists behind while the high level ones go searching. Ordinarily, this would be the norm, but not leaving behind even one high level martial artists for their protection, it was

clear he was just leaving them to die.

Ed followed the group silently, walking beside Meryl who seemed cheerful as always. The captain held in hand, a jade slip map. Ed could tell that he had his qi inside the slip, probably showing them the way. Ed noticed later that what he thought was white sand on the floor, was actually salt.

The place was like a forest, except vertically placed stones replaced trees and salt crystals replaced grass. They got to a special section that looked like the beginning of rich vegetation.

"We are getting closer. This salt bed is a strange place. You can see real forest in the middle of a desert." Meryl said.

She was right. Soon they found themselves in a rich green forest. How was this possible in the middle of a desert? Ed wondered. They continued to move till they were in a fog. At least that is what Ed thought.

"We must go straight over the bridge. When we get there, Meryl, you and he look out. The tomb is directly on the other side according to this map." the captain said. Ed was confused. Bridge? What bridge? He squinted his eyes to get a better look, but the fog only got thicker. He felt great water energy in the air.

He looked down on his feet and found they were inside water. An illusion? Wait. Who was in the illusion? He or the others? He glanced at Meryl, but she was still her usual cheerful self. Was it really possible he could see through illusions? He wondered.

Wait, fog.. It did not really look like fog. It looked like qi, blue and thick. At first it seemed as though it was too thick for him to see through, that is why it seemed like a fog. Ed was efficient in absorbing qi. The water qi is a compliment to the astral energy. This little qi was created from astral energy. This much qi, the caster of this illusion must be someone of great power. Like breathing, he sucked in the qi. Circulating it in his core, e could see much clearer.

Water. They were walking into a deep river. This illusion was extraordinary. Without knowing it, they would have committed suicide by drowning. There really was a bridge, like the captain said, but it was on the other side.

He paused, causing Meryl to look at him with a raised brow. He considered letting them die. After all, that is what they wished to do to him, but..

"Wait." he said and they all paused.

"It's an illusion. You are going to drown." he said and Meryl frowned.

"What nonsense are you saying?" she asked him.

"You are walking into a river, without knowing it." he said.

"Are you dreaming? We are walking on a bridge. The river is over there." she said, pointing in the direction of the bridge and the others frowned. Ed sighed.

"It seems telling you about the illusion does not break it." Ed said and turned around and walked out of the water.

"Don't move! Where do you think you are going?" Meryl shouted after him.

"I'm going to use the bridge. You can die if you want to." Ed said and they paused. The captain was silent as he watched Ed move to the bridge which he saw as a river.

"Idiot! Die then." Meryl said, watching Ed leave.

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